Wednesday, 6 February 2013

... get fitter, eat healthier, drink less, have fun with the kids... DAY 36

Get Fitter
  • Safe to say the Tabata is a killer. I woke up barely able to sit, stand or lift my arms above my head! Not helpful when you have to go about your business for the day but surely good for the old fitness at the end of the day!
  • There was a practice sea swim for the triathlon scheduled for tonight, with lifeguards etc. My work chum and I were going to do it then run and bike the rest of the course for a full practice BUT alas there was an earthquake in the Solomon Islands which meant there was a New Zealand wide tsunami warning so the sea swim was cancelled (there's a problem I never thought I would have in my life)! We trotted off regardless for our 12km bike and 4km run! Hideous at the best of times! Extra hideous when my legs are wrecked before the start but we did it! Just need to practice, practice, practice now! Surely it will be easier without wrecked legs!

Eat Healthier
  • Toast and honey for Brekkie.
  • Mummy, The Cherubs, Lil' Sis' and I had lunch out! I had a cheese and pineapple Toasties and some of Maisie's chips! Naughty but less naughty than I would have been before.
  • A banana, some almonds and craisins with a diclofenac and paracetamol chaser (in an attempt to ease my muscle pain) before training.
  • Protein shake after training.
  • Pasta, bacon and courgette for dinner.

Drink Less (Alcohol, More Water)
  • Zero alcohol.
  • 2 litres of water.

Have Fun With The Kids

After a bed wetting by the eldest and a busy night crying every hour from the youngest I was in no mood to entertain either of the little gits!

I did though, we managed a trip to Porirua to show Granny where Aunty Katy works, lunch out, ice cream, a walk in Plimmerton with The Hound and some cartoons!

Not riveting but tiring enough so that we hopefully get a full nights sleep from them!

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