Monday, 31 December 2012

Pantry Organisation ... Notsosuperscottishmummy Style!

Often I come across blogs about how to be organised, neat, tidy, etc in an effort to make ones life better!

I think about these blogs and the ideas they have given me as I shovel my food into the pantry ...

Exhibit A;

It started lovely and I have gone in and fixed it once. The fix lasted till Lovely Hubby and Lil' Sis' came home from work!

You see everything has its place. I know where that is but Lovely Hubby and Little Sis' don't! I think that must be where the problem lies!

Similar problem with the dishwasher and the kitchen cupboards!

I was pretty awesome at Tetris (misspent youth).

Lovely Hubby and Lil' Sis' were obviously RUBBISH at Tetris judging by the state of my cupboards and the dishwasher (when they decide to fill it, I reckon they think it fills itself) (sorry think my mum wrote that last statement!!!)!

I've often thought about holding workshops for Lovely Hubby and Lil' Sis' on where things live in the kitchen and how to stack the dishwasher! I have a feeling I would have to cancel due to lack of interest!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

#Silent Sunday 30/12/12

Sssssshhhhhhh ...

Love All Blogs

Kapiti Island Today 30/12/12

11.00am ...

The weather is so hideous even the Island is hiding!

Swimming, gym, baking, movies and tidying beckon ...

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Kapiti Island Today 29/12/12

6.20pm ...

It's been a while, I won't bore you with why but I am starting some new year resolutions early!
Still sweaty weather here but no sun and rain threatening each day! Big change from last week when the sun was shining and it was HOT, HOT, HOT! Even by kiwi standards!!!! Spare a thought for us Scottish folk!


Saturday is Caption Day 29/12/12

It's been a while but here we have my offering ...

Join in  the Linky fun over @mammasaurus ... Go on you know you want too ...

Sunday, 9 December 2012

#Saturday is Caption Day 8th December 2012

Archie Boys first Christmas party. Very proud he wasn't scared of Santa! Lots of boys and girls much bigger than him were screaming like banshees and hysterical at the sight of Santa! Archie clearly thought he was just another source of food! I should just have wrapped up a sandwich for him and he would have been delighted!

Linking up to #SatCap headquarters over at Mammasaurus.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday Is Caption Day 1st December 2012

In honour of St Andrews day yesterday I have done a Scottish themed #SatCap picture ...

Darling Daughter enjoying the shop at Loch Ness visitor centre.

Caption away folks. Be sure to pop over to Mamasaurus and join in the #SatCap fun.