Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Make a Plan Monday 25th June 2012


The plan for last week was to survive, follow 'My Life Schedule' and enlist the help of Lovely Hubby and Lil' Sis'.

Well I survived! I was worried about keeping on top of things given the fact that I had work to contend with as well. By getting the major tasks done at the beginning of the week and keeping on top of the little tasks daily meant that things didn't get too out of hand. This meant that I stuck to 'My Life Schedule' as best as I could.

One thing that helped was that Lil' Sis' and I were at the pool doing some laps at 6.15am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Oooh get us eh! It was great, it meant that I was showered and dressed by 7am! Ready to take on the world!

As for roping in Lovely Hubby to help. I can't really complain. Poor man! On Thursday he had the Cherubs all day...I didnt get home until 7.30pm! He was ratty before I even left but he had a great day. His highlight was being proud daddy at Darling Daughters swimming lessons, not sure how or why but she is the star pupil, he quite enjoyed basking in her glory! Much to my delight and relief both Cherubs were bathed and ready for bed on my return.

I left a list of the daily tasks I do (how is he meant to know what to do if I don't tell him but 'telling' him would be construed as nagging so next best thing write it down). I didn't tell him about the list I just left it on the kitchen work top...subtle as a brick, I was a bit scared to tell him given how ratty he was already. And lo and behold he lived up to his name. He did everything apart from the hoovering and mopping (I just shoved it on the list just in case he got round to it). Pretty good going considering there was very little napping from the Cherubs.

The jobs I lined up for Lil' Sis' never came to fruition. I did the hoovering myself on Friday. The dog was away getting groomed so I whizzed round while he was out of the house. The other thing I hoped she might do with the Boyf was walk the Hound but he has been in the wars and has a split and punctures in his paw *winces* so he is house and garden bound until that heals. She did me a massive favour chumming me to the pool and Cherubsitting while I worked on Saturday so I can't complain!

The Plan

This week the plan is as follows

  1. Try not to loose any more electrical equipment! (post on this to follow).
  2. My tiny little boy Second Born Son is starting daycare in two weeks so I am hoping to spend plenty quality time together and maybe see if I can help him improve his sitting up.
  3. Get to the pool 4 mornings again and do the 'Trig Run' on Saturday morning. The aim with swimming is to do it for the next 6 weeks at least. By then the mornings should be getting lighter and I can get running down the beach again with the Hound!

If my calculations are correct this is week 2 in my little pattern. That means this should be an ok week.

Look out next week it will all go to shit!!


Electrical Faults

My poor electrical appliances had a bad week last week...

It seems to be a family thing.

Any new gadget my parents get seems to either just not work or malfunction early on its life.

Lil Sis has done for a lap top and two cameras since she's been living with us!

As for me I'm pretty sure if I read the Instructions I would get more out of the gadgets we own. This was not the problem last week though.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday 25th June 2012

In case anybody is interested here's what The Simpson Clan are eating this week...

Monday - Popeye pasta, this was on last weeks plan but we never got round to having it.

Tuesday - Grilled chicken (I'll need to brace myself for the mess, I've recently rediscovered my George Foreman grill, it makes yummy chook, but it's messy), roast potatoes (more gadgets, I'll use my actifry to do this), accompanied by curried mushrooms. Lovely Hubby will have to make the mushrooms, these are one of his creations. I'll get him to show me how and I will blog it later.

Wednesday - Pasta with creamy garlic and pesto sauce (out of a packet but yummy), with crispy bacon and some grilled courgettes/zucchinis. I'm working all day so nice and easy.

Thursday - Chilli with tacos. I'll make a big batch earlier in the week and freeze portions for future use. Tis used to be Lovely Hubbys speciality but I took over not long after Darling Daughter came along. I love chilli. We have it with tacos, baked potato or nachos. Topped of with cheese, sour cream and of course, the Simpson staple, jalepenos

Friday - Chicken in a bag. We had this last week and Darling Daughter ate with us and she loved it. I'm making it later in the week so that I can use up the veg I have left over after making mush for Second Born Son. There is a specific list of veg your meant to put in the bag but I don't stick to it. I aim to put in potatoes, leek, sweet potato/kumara, butternut squash and carrot.

Saturday - Lentil Dahl. May make something else depending what's kicking around the cupboards but if I'm stuck I always have what's needed for this.

What's everyone else having. Pop on over to At Home With Mrs M by clicking here to join in with this great Linky x



Sunday, 24 June 2012

The 'Trig Run' Tracker

Don't suppose anyone noticed there was no tracker last week.

The crazy ladies that are Super Fit Mummy and Actual Super Mummy instead opted for the equally lovely challenge that is the Tough Guy And Gal Challenge! A hideous sounding assault course kind of thing that leaves you caked in mud, freezing cold and down one pair of trainers! Oh dear what a pity I had work so I couldn't participate. By all accounts though they had a great time, crazy I tell you crazy!

Lovely Hubby isn't called Lovely just for the hell of it. He is actually Lovely! Not only was he willing to stand in for the girls and do the 'Trig Run' with me, he was willing to do so after a sleepless night with the eldest Cherub. But I didn't think he would still want to go so I left him sleeping in Darling Daughters room. A bit naughty on my part but a week off is not the end of the world.

I got back on the wagon this week though. Just me and Super Fit Mummy again this week.

Eek it was dark. Running through the first bit you have to go under an arc of trees which was lovely this week, I didn't have breakfast but that was rectified when I got a mouthful of cobwebs and goodness knows what else running under the arc of trees.

The only problem with it just being the two of is is that I really can't run up 'Mount Paraparaumu' at the best of times let alone while trying to talk as well. I tried to keep running and talking as far as possible but it wasn't very far. I was in front (by chance not skill) so I was able to dictate the pace and the pace I chose was a brisk walk. Good choice I think!

Here we have the view from the top...

A lush view as usual. Reason enough to traipse up the 'Trig Run' hill each week.

I had all my gear ready to go the night before to minimize faffing around in the morning and maximize sleep time. But Sleepyhead Simpson (that's me by the way) still managed to forget to put the strap that goes round my ribs to measure my heart rate even though it featured in the pile of clothes I had laid out! So this week I only have a time to report...46minutes, sleepiness also meant I forgot to take a picture of the heart rate monitor watch at the end.

Please note although we walked we still finished faster than the last time which was a walk too. (Clutching at straws of success me thinks)

Until next time, TTFN...(that always makes me smile, sad creature that I am).


Silent Sunday 24th June 2012

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Caption This Beauty!

Saturday is #SATCAP day.

Here we have yet another cracker of a snoring (yep she is asleep) pose from Darling Daugher! After a long 6 hours at Kindy she just couldn't keep her eyes open. I didn't have the heart to move her, besides I didn't want her getting too comfy it was far too late for napping! She started off on the stool leaning against the sofa arm, I nipped into kitchen to make a cup of tea and came back through to find this....

FYI the shoes are her choice...and for some reason she doesn't seem to mind them being on the wrong feet, personally I find wearing shoes on the wrong feet feels hideous!

Click here to see more #SATCAP action over at mammasaurus.com


Friday, 22 June 2012

Making Mussels

Yep I did it, I prepared Mussels this week for challenge 2 of my Fortnightly Fish Challenge! I had a great recipe from the Countdown website...Spicy Mussels, all I needed to buy was the Mussels I had everything else in the cupboards already, my kinda recipe!
 Lovely Hubby and I picked out our select few from the Little Mussel Shower in our local Pack 'n' Save.  Actually I got Lovely Hubby to do it because I was terrified of breaking the machine or dropping them or doing something stupid!  Great that he did it but it meant I didn't take much notice of what they looked like close up.  So when I chatted to my fish expert Mummysknee on Skype about what I was doing with them and she asked me if they were de-bearded I had no idea what she was talking about!  I'm not a researcher you see, I am a fly by the seat of your pants, blagger kind of chap.  I had no idea about Mussels and their preparation, whereas most folk would have done a bit of research beforehand I was banking on a bit of google assistance and/or Lovely Hubby's odd 'general' knowledge of all things to do with films and food.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Simpson Swimmers

The Cherubs and I went for a swim with Auntie Katy (Lil Sis) last Friday.

Now from the first picture above of Second Born Son you would think he was in for a hideous time but you would be wrong. If you were to ask me if he liked swimming (lets not get carried away he's only 6 months old) floating in the pool my initial reaction would be that he loved it. BUT you wouldn't actually know from his reaction once in the water wether he liked it or not! He just sat in his blow up floaty chair taking it all in. I put his head under before we left and he just had a splutter and carried on as if nothing happened. He didn't really make a peep apart from the initial screaming in the changing rooms. The changing rooms are pretty retro though, I would scream too if I could get away with it. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Chicken Curry Recipe...Warning it's Hot Hot Hot!

Instead of posting inane jibbering and/or pictures I thought I would attempt a useful blog post today.
As mentioned in my Monday Meal Planner I made My Mums awesome Chicken Curry last week. My mum has been making it for as long as I can remember. She got the recipe from an old friend and neighbor. It has probably evolved quite considerably since she first started making it 30ish years ago! Funny if Darling Daughter and Second Born Son were both making it still 30 years from now!!
Now I will warn you we are a family who like our spicy food. My grandad would put brown sauce on everything my granny made him. In true grandad style but with a modern twist we add jalapeƱos, cayenne pepper or kataya sauce to everything.
If you choose to have a go at this curry be aware it will make
  • Your nose run
  • Your eyes sweat
  • And most of all your bum burn!!!!!

Make a Plan Monday 18th June 2012

Review Week 4

Last week was a much better week. I have a feeling, in fact I am sensing a pattern in my life, not sure why but I think I am going to have 2 good weeks, get all smug and be pleased with how I am going then let it all go the 3rd week, do a shit job then have to get motivated again. So on and so forth...

I wasn't angelic last week but The Cherubs and I kept busy and I stuck to my steps. Granted I didn't get up and organized every morning but on the mornings I didn't I had busy house days. When I was exposing myself to the public during the day though I got showered, dressed and make up on, best not scare the locals now!

Meal Planning Monday 18th June 2012

Feels a wee bit like GroundHog Day but here we are again with Meal Planning Monday.

Pray tell what are The Simpson Clan chowing down on this week?

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Manual vs Automatic Cars; No Contest

I might treat our car a little better after my driving experience today!

Your not really living the kiwi dream unless you are driving a second hand, automatic, four wheel drive!

Automatic cars are the norm here.

It's quite acceptable to drive round an old banger here. Some of the cars are something else! It's amazing that they are still on the road but I think because they have to get a warrant of fitness every six months they keep going longer...or some such car talk.

#SATCAP 16th June 2012

Saturday is caption day, hop over to Mammasaurus to join in with more captioning fun and frolics.

Here's my entry this week.

Darling Daughter 'helping' me make some baby mush for Second Born Son.


Friday, 15 June 2012

Fishy Friday

Its Fishy Friday again peeps.
I went to pick up Lil Sis' from work today and look who rocked up at the same time.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Yay Socks That Work!

I'm a simple sole, who is easily amused. If you are of a similar nature read on. If you are of a more high brow nature, my apologies for the tediousness of this blog post...

This is probably not the most riveting blogpost I will ever write but it is a milestone in our wee life! Having had kids I am now that cliche, you know THAT mother that can't have a conversation without it being about The Cherubs, even it's not about the Cherubs I can be sure to make it about them by the end of the conversation! So everyone I speak to over the next wee while will no 'The Sock Story' until some other 'excitment' comes along.

Attention all who have wriggly therefore bare foot babes! All is not lost!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Second Born Son

My sister came back to N.Z after a wee trip home to Scotland baring gifts for The Cherubs from the.  Second Born Son was a lucky boy and got a lovely home made quilt from his Granny and a wee Giraffe in a Jersey soft toy.  I promise you we did not stage this picture...

He was propped up on some pillows with his blanket next to him, and the giraffe was on his pillow.  I popped out of the room and came back to find him cuddled into his giraffe and blanket.  He was particularly pleased with himself and promptly dropped off to sleep.

I am linking this post up to the linky below

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Darling Daughter

We might be well into winter her in N.Z. but when the sun is out its still beach time.  It was a great day on Sunday, cold but dry and sunny at times.  So we, Clan Simpson, headed down to the beach.  Darling Daughter wanted to wear her jandels (flip flops), quite right too we were off to the beach where one wears their jandels but I explained to her that it was a bit chilly, if she put her gum boots (welly boots) on she would be able to put her toes in the water and not be too cold.  As you can see from my picture, even if you have your gum boots on it is essential that you roll up your leggings so they don't get wet when you dip your toe in the sea!  Go figure!

 I did laugh out loud when after she had dipped her toe in she looked at me right in the eye and asked in a serious voice 'can I take my clothes of now?'  Oops obviously she got the wrong idea last time we were at the beach.  Easter weekend we went to the beach with her wee friend, it was HOT this time so when they stripped off who were we as sensible adults to stop them enjoying themselves!  If you can't run about naked at the beach when your 3 years old when can you?  Eh well not when its in the height of winter sweetheart!

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Cookie Time

I don't do baking. Well I do but it almost always ends in failure.
I tried to master cheesecake but if I didn't have the wrong tin it was the wrong cheese.
I tried to be Supermum at Christmas and make Christmas cookies for Darling Daughter but if they weren't burnt they were all over the tray merged into one giant cookie.
I made an amazing batch of millionaires shortbread the other week. It was a fluke I did the same thing all over again to make another batch to give to friends as a pressie and it was a fail. One false move with the caramel and it doesn't set right, no bugger told me that!
See below my failure. Messy messy messy!!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday 11th of June 2012

It's Monday already. Time for the weekly meal planning link up. Hop on over to the home of Meal Planning Monday to see what's on the menu elsewhere.

Make a Plan Monday 11th June 2012

Review: Week 3
Looking back last week was a funny old week. Not because it was crazy and we got up to loads of antics. For the exact opposite reason in fact. Not funny ha ha, funny peculiar. The Cherubs and I didn't leave the house from Sunday to Thursday!!!! Bad, bad mummy. Certainly not In fact at times I was Super Slummy Mummy, not the idea! 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saturday is #Satcap Day Whoop Whoop

Saturday is caption day! Thanks to Mammasauras for creating the fun and frolics! Take a look and see what it's all about.

Sorry my boy but I have no sympathy for you. Poop down to your knee and you will eat your lunch in a wife beater, winter or not!

It's caption time guys, comment away xxx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Fortnightly Fish Challenge

Woop woop, go me, I cooked a delish fish dish.  

We all sat down for dinner together and yep we (not just piggy me) ate it all!  There was a few blips but I have the green light to make it again (after some constructive criticism from Lovely Hubby)!
So we had Mummy's Fish Pie a la Annabel Karmel.
The recipe required salmon and cod.  Salmon no probs, same as in U.K. but cod is a different kettle of fish (mwah ha ha ha, pardon the pun) here in N.Z.  I thought cod was cod was cod but no!  I was kinda wondering how I was gonna find out a suitable alternative with minimal effort (lazy toad) and lo and behold as luck would have it Lil' Sis' boyfriend popped in.  Not normally unusual to see him, they are naturally, as loves young dream goes, attached at the hip but she is holibagging in the U.K so was odd but nice (and useful) to see him.  Anyhoo he is a fisherman, through and through kiwi chap, N.Z answer to Steve Irwin, Artist, the authority on the 'alternative, rarely seen but interesting' side of the Kapiti Coast and a Plumber.  I told him the plan and the Cod dilemma and he went off in a dream world describing how delish Blue Cod (the expensive one) was before coming back to earth when I said it was for a fish pie.  'Hoki' was the immediate answer.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Make a Plan Monday 4th June 2012

Week three of 'Make a Plan Monday'. It may be of no interest or help to anyone else but Personally I am finding the process of setting myself aims and planning for each week very motivating. On top of that reviewing the previous week is actually turning out to be quite therapeutic, its really great for putting things into perspective. Hardly surprising when you think about it setting targets, planning, reviewing is something that got me through my working life, why not apply it to home life too! Heck I'm gonna go crazy and use it as the format for this weekly blog post.

Meal Planning Monday 4th June 2012

I thought I would join in with Meal Planning Monday. I do a weekly meal plan anyway for the purpose of creating a list for my favourite weekly task (please note this is sarcastic) the grocery shop!
Now don't anybody be getting excited! As I have mentioned in previous blog posts I am no cook let alone chef! Our weekly meal plan is generally made up of simple and cheap meals. Nothing fancy so instead of being a list to share with the intent to inspire others it may serve as a list of what not to do!
The Simpson Meal Plan this week

The 'Trig Run' Tracker

Week 2 of the 'Trig Run' Tracker. It sure would take a lot for me to look forward to this and having a hangover and a crappy nights sleep does not help with the dread. The challenge of improving week by week and writing this helped get me out of my bed though. Musn't disappoint my faithful and loyal readers!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

Saturday is caption day! Thanks to Mammasauras for creating the fun and frolics! Take a look and see what it's all about.

Sorry my boy but I have no sympathy for you. Poop down to your knee and you will eat your lunch in a wife beater, winter or not!

It's caption time guys, comment away xxx

Friday, 1 June 2012

Fishy Friday 1st of June 2012

Yep it's that time again it's Fishy Friday. My friend over at Mummysknee is the authority on fish oopsy should I say works for the authority on fish in the U.K. Seafish and works on another lovely website called Fish Is The Dish with some other lovely girls trying to help peeps get motivated and fired up about eating fish again. After all it is terribly good for our brains and hearts and other bits and bobs and I suppose if done right it can be yummers too.

So in an attempt to be a good chum I agreed to do a blog each Friday about fish. When she first asked me I screwed up my face thinking, hmmm little old me, what do I know about fish? But that's the idea I know nuffink about fish except how to avoid eating it and when I do get my hands on it how to make a hash of cooking it. If I can get to grips with fish anyone can.