Sunday, 19 May 2013

And The Favourite Parent Award goes to ...




Not me!


No surprises there then seeing as I'm the one that yells, is grumpy and says no!


Daddy being the favourite has been further confirmed this week ...

Evidence No. 1. It's been my turn to do the DayCare pick up this week. Imagine my delight when greeted each night with 'I don't want you to pick me up, I want Daddy to pick me up'.


Evidence No. 2. Daddy has been the preferred bottom wiper this week! Not necessarily a bad one this. Especially at 6.46am this morning! They have such a sweet routine though! Darling Daughter yells to Daddy that she's finished, Daddy yells back to assume the position, Darling Daughter lies down and throughs her legs back over her head!


Evidence No. 3. The Boy has learned to pucker up and give wee kisses! Soooo cute but he only dishes them out for Daddy!


Humph! Never mind The Hound loves me! As demonstrated by him spooning with me each night this week!