Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Saturday Project Week 1

You may (or may not) be aware of my blog about the idea of attempting to make glow in the dark bubbles. Well I gave it a go as promised. I probably would have reported back sooner but it wasn't really very successful.
I had the glow sticks ...

I had the bubbles ...

I even had a glowing bottle of bubbles once I put the two together ...

But sadly I have no lovely picture of actual glowing floating bubbles! Not sure what went wrong, I did what I was told but I failed.

Not one to be put off by failure I have again looked at my Pinterest 'I Must Try This' pin board for inspiration. Surely some of the things I covet are achievable!?!?! I find my self with a Saturday solo avec Cherubs this week, I think I will attempt to make these bad boys ...

I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly terrified, any attempt to bake tends to end in disaster for me! I'm told practice makes perfect though Success or failure I will report back ...

Kapiti Island Today 31st October 2012

Kapiti Island today 6pm ...

It was pretty toasty down at the beach last night so we all rocked up at thebeach with shorts and t-shirts on and wee Archie with bare feet tonight. The house was hot so surely it would be hot at the beach! I will eventually learn that whatever is going on it will always be chillier at the beach. Plus point the dog didn't dive straight into the water!

I had planned to use the 'earlybird' filter on Instagram to edit my 'Kapiti Island Today' picture each time. I think it looks great and love the frame it gives BUT I don't think it shows off the colours I capture with my magic iPhone very well. So I've decided to just leave the pictures as I take them so those who look at the blog get to see as near as possible to what I have seen. Apart form adding text and a blog watermark I will post the naked picture straight from my photo stream!

Island Fact For The Day - Kapiti Island was used as a Whaling Station in the 1800's.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Kapiti Island Today 30th October 2012

Kapiti Island today 10am ...

What a lush day. One month to go until summer and things are picking up.
I took The Cherubs and The Hound for a walk in Otaihanga along Waikanae River bank this morning. As you get towards the river mouth you get this awesome view of The Island. It was so peaceful, just us and the Whitebaiters!!!!!
Island fact for the day - Parts of the most recent King Kong movie were filmed on the other side of the island! Peter Jackson himself went to college (high school) here in Paraparaumu.

New TRENDY Shoes

One of the benefits of having my 22 year sister living with me! Occasionally being able to share in the joy of up to the minute fashion! Granted some of the things these crazy kids wear these days baffles me BUT I am not ashamed to wear the same sandals as my little sister when they are as cute as this ...

Here's hoping that when I first step out with these babies on there's no young whipper snappers sniggering at the old fool in the jazzy sandals!!! My sister tells me they are a bit slippery, if I'm not making a tit of myself by the act of wearing them I'm sure to do so for falling arse over tit!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Kapiti Island Today 29th October 2012

Kapiti Island today 6.30pm ...

Our first trip to the beach after work this spring. We would probably have been earlier but The Hound has had poorly skin for the last month or so so we have been avoiding it seeing as he can't help but dive bomb into the sea as soon as he hits the beach, not the best tactic for healing a scabby skinned beast. BUT his skin is finally clearing and he finished his antibiotics after 3 weeks of antibiotic filled cheese balls twice a day we treated him to half an hour terrorising other hounds and hound walkers trying to enjoy a leisurely evening stroll. I had to set an alarm to remind me to give him his medication, sweet boy began to recognise the alarm and got so excited by his cheese balls he forgot to try and forage out the mess!

The idea of taking The Hound to the beach always seems like such a good idea, he gets to stretch his legs and run without his lead on and we all get fresh air and to stretch our own legs. I always forget how much of a stress it actually is (they don't call me Stress Head Simpson for nothing). I spend most of my time yelling after him terrified he is going to get eaten by a bigger dog or piss off a little dogs owner. He's got small dog syndrome and makes a beeline for the biggest dog he can find and torments it! To add to the stress I then get to yell at him to stay in his basket once we get home because he's soaking wet! No sooner has he raced along the beach for two minutes than he is tired out and lying down in the sea to cool down! MESSY GIT.

Regardless I still love him to bits, he's my first born. In fact the other day at the vet (bad parent alert) Lovely Hubby and I were discussing how cute he was when he was a baby and we both agreed that between him and The Cherubs he was definitely the cutest baby....

Meal Planning Monday 29th October 2012

It's been a while but in an attempt to gain some kind of control over what I eat and our weekly budget here I am joining in with Meal Planning Monday again!

Same old same old this week but I am already planning some new stuff for next week. Trying to fit life, family, work, exercise, cooking etc in is tricky so the quest for tasty, healthy AND easy/quick meals is never ending!

Sunday - it's been a while, lovely hubby keeps offering to make one and this week I think I will accept ... Roast Chicken Dinner! (We've had it and it was yum, even wee Archie was inhaling the sweet potato/kumara)

Monday - Lentil Dahl. I might make it on Sunday so it's ready for after work on Monday. (It's Monday and I have pre-made this, will just need to reheat and add some more stock and perhaps lentils)

Tuesday - Spicy Prawns a la Lovely Hubby (he rustles up a marinade with kataya sauce and other spicy bits) with choice of rice or baked potato and lots of broccoli and green beans.

Wednesday - Grilled Chicken, roast potatoes, curry mushrooms (another Lovely Hubby speciality).

Thursday - Fillet steak on the barbecue with baked potato and spinach fried off with pesto.

Friday - Quick Chilli made in the slow cooker from my old faithful 'Food in a Minute' recipe.

Saturday - not sure yet, I'm on a healthy eating regime so if I loose weight this week we may have the treat of take away Thai.

I'm linking up to the leader of Meal Planning Monday 'At Home With Mrs M'.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saturday Is Caption Day 27th October 2012

I found some pictures of the Hound from when he was a puppy on my Facebook page. Most of them make me want another puppy but this one just made me laugh!

Can you help me caption it?

Pop over to the mother of SatCap Mammasaurus to join in more SatCap fun.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday is Caption Day 20th October 2012

We had a cheeky wee holiday to Wellington last weekend ... First family holiday and we went 1 hour down the road! It may not seem adventurous but there is so much to do we had an awesome time.

Maisie's first sentence when we got home was ... 'I miss the Hotel mummy'. So cute, she was intrigued by her first hotel experience and behaved really well as did her brother.

We got loads of great pictures which I'll share over the next few weeks but I just love this one of her while she was playing at being mummy while her brother was in the bath ...

I think she is actually saying 'look at my baby he's splashing, aargh mummy he's splashing me mummy!!!'

I'm pretty sure that you lovely blog readers out there can put better words in her mouth.

I'm linking this up to the #SatCap Queen over at Mammasaurus.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

M.I.A Again

I've been off the blogosphere again! We've had the In-Laws visiting. Something that I'm sure would strike fear in the heart of many BUT it was cause for great excitement for us ... Not only are my Hubbies Maw and Paw pretty awesome but they hadn't seen Brian for 2 years or Maisie, Rocko and I for 18 months AND they hadn't even met little Archie Boy Simpson.

Although they are still here for a few more days I am back to work after having some time of for their visit so I thought I would attempt a blog.

I know this blog is nothing exciting but informative no!?!?

We've had quite an adventurous fortnight with some super snaps. So I have some blogging fodder to get me back on the blogging horse quick smart!

I may well resort to on the go blogging, little tit bits like this just to keep on it! Watch this space ...