Thursday, 31 May 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful 31st of May 2012

I could do a gushy post about how lucky I am to have two lovely Cherubs, a faithful Hound and a Lovely Hubby who treats me like a princess (don't get me wrong I am cheerful about all of the above of course) but after a day like today there is only one reason to be cheerful.
Maybe when I have lured you in with my 'hilarious' posts and have a few more readers I can do a serious R2BC post. (on how having so many people reading my blog and enjoying it is my R2BC)
I digress back to my real life reason to be cheerful today. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mind Blowing Decisions!!

'Today I've mostly been choosing what to wear myself and eating the mush my mummy makes for my wee brother'

Yep she is wearing the clothes I picked for her this morning, her swimming togs on top and her brothers bib as a skirt/belt and she is chowing down on a delicious cauliflower and carrot purée I just rustled up for her brother. Oh yeah and just out of view she has unicorn stompeez baffies on ( those of you out there not fluent in Scottish baffies are slippers).

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Taming Crazy Mummy Beast

Before reading please note as I get older and with each Cherub that we have housed (The Hound, Darling Daughter and last but not least Second Born Son) my stress levels and as a result my ability to overreact have escalated accordingly! You would think that managing a house containing a Lovely Hubby, a Lil Sis and three Cherubs would be a walk in the park after 10 years of serving the general public as a pharmacist and managing some pharmacies along the way. No, no silly! This is the reason I have become a crazy mummy beast, one who can fly off the handle at something as simple as wanting to use a toy box as toy. Good grief a toy box as a toy? What next!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Make a Plan Monday 28th of May 2012

Report on last week....Operation Stepford Wife began well!

Like the good wee wifey that I aspire to be,

  • Each day I made all the beds and opened the curtains daily, tackled the laundry, made all the meals except one (I had to finish my blog that night, perfectly acceptable excuse).
  • I did a proper 'raid up' (a phrase used by my mother-in-law, she is from Elgin and has lots of funny wee phrases, I found this one particularly odd when she first said it but now I quite like it) of 7 of the 10 rooms in the house, yeah go me!!!!
  • I cleared out Darling Daughters wardrobe. I've been putting this off, I'm quite, scratch that VERY sentimental and get sad giving her clothes away as they carry memories for me. But that's what photos are for so I was brave and made a nice bag up for her chum to have a shot of!
All I need to do now is carry on doing all of the above graciously without turning into a huffy housewife! Although it is my idea to try and be housewife extraordinaire I still moan about it, not the idea really! 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Silent Sunday 27th May 2012

The 'Trig Run' Tracker

The Saturday morning 'Trig Run' is going to be a weekly thing for the time being ('joy oh rapture' to quote Mother Dearest). Yeah yeah I know its good for me blah blah blah but it's a hateful thought when the alarm goes of at 6am.

So I thought as an incentive to myself to keep at it and improve I would do a wee weekly tracker, take some pics and wear the old heart rate monitor to record my time taken, calories burned and of course my heart rate.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Fortnightly Fish Challenge

My BFF ( has requested a fishy post for Friday.  Not easy as I am just not that into fish! 

That's a bit of a lie...I love shellfish and don't dislike fish as long as there is no hint of bone.  Ask me to whip up a fish dish though and you can forget it!

We have a few fish dishes in our meal repertoire;
  • prawn stirfry
  • monkfish curry (the only fancy thing on this list)
  • smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast....reserved for Christmas Morning if you don't mind
  • baked potato with prawn marie rose
  • back in the day when Darling Daughter ate what I gave her I would make fish cakes and fish pie for her, both of which I would eat but Lovely Hubby would stick his nose up at 
Hmmmmm........not exactly cintilating stuff.  And a bit of a shame seeing as we live at the beach in New Zealand where there is all sorts of fancy fish to play with!  No excuse really so time for me to man up and tackle fish! 

So here's the plan of action.  Now that I am in charge of the meal planning, I am going to make one new fishy meal a week (lets not get too carried away yet) a fortnight.

Now I've blogged about it I have to do it, is that how it works?

Maybe I should rope in Darling Daughter.  Judging by this fishy photo she isn't scared of fish....the fish getting waved about with gay abandon on its way back to the see is a teeny tiny shark.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Silly Silly Mummy

My Darling Daughter can be a hateful, screeching, demanding, spoilt, nasty, menace of a brat (I love her really and I'm sure she thinks the same of me on occasion) but all is forgiven and forgotten when she comes out with a hilarious retort to a question or when she throws a new word she has made up into conversation or any other language or speech based blooper! Her odd Kiwi/Scottish hybrid accent helps with the hilarity.

She recently came out with the word iplan, a mixture of idea and plan. I quite like it, it works, maybe it's not an innocent mistake, maybe she is in fact a genius!! Whatever it is it certainly makes me snigger when I propose an idea to her and she comes back with 'yes Mummy, that's a good iplan'.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Make A Plan Monday

What to write to keep you darling readers entertained?  Eh writers block already! Maybe I will just do some aimless jabbering!

So perfect housewife and Super Mummy is the aim but where do I stand at the moment? I was managing quite well, had my weeks all planned out lovely with activities each day, house work planned in for nap times, great daytime tv to keep me focused ( focus was get everything done for 1.30 so I could get telly on to watch fabby crap t.v).  Not sure how but operation Stepford Wife was a bit of a fail last week.....

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Early Bird Catches The Worm and All That!!

My wee family and I have been living together in New Zealand for just over a year.  We took the decision to immigrate from Scotland for a better way of life and a great business opportunity for my Lovely Hubby.  A massive step for many reasons but one of them, probably the biggest reason, was leaving behind family and friends.  Imagine my delight when Darling Daughter and I arrived to find Lovely Hubby had prepared some fabby chums for us.  A year later we are still chums and have a lovely wee gang.  We had great friends back home, the best of whom we left behind in Edinburgh 7 years ago but who are still great friends (can't wait to share a few wines and a laugh with them again one day!!!).  We lived in Inverness for five years but it took that long to make great friends like the ones we have already here in Kiwiland.

At the risk of sounding a bit sycophantic I find myself most weeks thanking my lucky stars for our wee gang of chums.  Aside from the alcohol consumption and cake eating they are a great influence on The Notsosuperscottishmummy Clan and have made our transition into the Kiwi way of life fun, interesting and a lot less lonely than it could have been.

Gushing introduction over, time now for an anecdote about the stuff our gang get us into and Saturdays attempt at Supermumminess.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Here goes nothing....

So here it is I find myself a stay at home mum starting a blog......Why?  For want of something useful to do while I have my many tea breaks while the 'cherubs' are sleeping.  Useful to me as I am hoping that getting some of my thoughts and experiences off my chest might act as some sort of therapy and useful to others because reading about my thoughts and experiences is bound to make others feel better about themselves.   Anyone that chooses to read this please bear with me I am by no means a good writer and I don't really know much about this blogging malarkey therefore as with most things in life I will try to wing it/ blag it/ fly by the seat of my pants/ close my eyes and hope for the best/ carry on regardless/ just keep blathering!  I find this formula works well in life and apply it to a lot of things I put my hand to mainly being a pharmacist, mummy, wife, friend, sister, daughter, it works for me, not sure what those at the receiving end think though!   Anywho nap time is almost over and all I have managed is to set this thing up, best get back to 'work'!