Monday, 31 December 2012

Pantry Organisation ... Notsosuperscottishmummy Style!

Often I come across blogs about how to be organised, neat, tidy, etc in an effort to make ones life better!

I think about these blogs and the ideas they have given me as I shovel my food into the pantry ...

Exhibit A;

It started lovely and I have gone in and fixed it once. The fix lasted till Lovely Hubby and Lil' Sis' came home from work!

You see everything has its place. I know where that is but Lovely Hubby and Little Sis' don't! I think that must be where the problem lies!

Similar problem with the dishwasher and the kitchen cupboards!

I was pretty awesome at Tetris (misspent youth).

Lovely Hubby and Lil' Sis' were obviously RUBBISH at Tetris judging by the state of my cupboards and the dishwasher (when they decide to fill it, I reckon they think it fills itself) (sorry think my mum wrote that last statement!!!)!

I've often thought about holding workshops for Lovely Hubby and Lil' Sis' on where things live in the kitchen and how to stack the dishwasher! I have a feeling I would have to cancel due to lack of interest!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

#Silent Sunday 30/12/12

Sssssshhhhhhh ...

Love All Blogs

Kapiti Island Today 30/12/12

11.00am ...

The weather is so hideous even the Island is hiding!

Swimming, gym, baking, movies and tidying beckon ...

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Kapiti Island Today 29/12/12

6.20pm ...

It's been a while, I won't bore you with why but I am starting some new year resolutions early!
Still sweaty weather here but no sun and rain threatening each day! Big change from last week when the sun was shining and it was HOT, HOT, HOT! Even by kiwi standards!!!! Spare a thought for us Scottish folk!


Saturday is Caption Day 29/12/12

It's been a while but here we have my offering ...

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

#Saturday is Caption Day 8th December 2012

Archie Boys first Christmas party. Very proud he wasn't scared of Santa! Lots of boys and girls much bigger than him were screaming like banshees and hysterical at the sight of Santa! Archie clearly thought he was just another source of food! I should just have wrapped up a sandwich for him and he would have been delighted!

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday Is Caption Day 1st December 2012

In honour of St Andrews day yesterday I have done a Scottish themed #SatCap picture ...

Darling Daughter enjoying the shop at Loch Ness visitor centre.

Caption away folks. Be sure to pop over to Mamasaurus and join in the #SatCap fun.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Kapiti Island Today 30th November 2012

Kapiti Island Today 6.35pm ...

St Andrews day today! So the weather played homage to that fact! Chilly willy southerly! Brrrrr! Still warmer than Scotland for the time year tough, ha!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Maisie's First Kindy Trip

Well I think it's fair to say that Darling Daughter had the best day out of all of team Simpson on Wednesday! She had her first Kindy (not really Kindy but its easier to say than Daycare) trip.

The little darlings got to take a trip to Kapiti Coast Airport! A couple of years ago this would probably have been less exciting but it's getting bigger and it's not just little teeny tiny planes flying out of here, there is a slightly bigger Air New Zealand plane that jets up to Auckland now and again!

Maisie was terribly excited I gave her elf hair (its Hobbit crazy here with the world premiere happening down the road in Welly) and two coats (a hoody and a body warmer just in case). As soon as she for to Kindy she told the teachers about her elf hair and two coats, repeatedly! Fine if they knew what she was saying, we don't know what she is saying half the time because of her hybrid accent I don't know how the Kindy teachers understand her!

The idea was for the little darlings to get the bus there and back and see the big plane coming in and taking off again! Maisie thought she was perhaps going on a plane and I was a bit worried she would be disappointed.

I needn't worry for here is the log of what they did ...

Sounds like they had awesome fun! The plane was running late so someone official at the airport took matters into there own hands and entertained the troops!

Not sure I would like to be a passenger after they were in the cockpit!! Who knows what buttons the babes might have pressed!?!?

Needless to say Maisie's favourite part was the lollies!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Meal Planning Monday 26th November 2012

I got Lovely Hubby to plan the meals this week! Not sure how, at brunch on Sunday I asked home what he wanted and he managed to fill the week. Normally he puts it back to me but he must have been inspired this week (ha! Maybe not when you see what we're having).

In no particular order this week we will be having;

  • Pasta, sauce, bacon and asparagus
  • Steak, baked tattie and corn on the cob (I think we have spare asparagus so we will have that too)
  • Lil' Sis is doing Fajitas for us one night
  • Chicken Supreme (mummy's recipe), roast tatties in our magic roast tattie machine and brocolli
  • Cheese toasty and soup
  • Lentil Dahl
  • We have prawns in the freezer, some noodles and all sorts stock ingredients for noodely prawn dishes so between us we will rustle something Asian inspired up

Linking up with the Mela Planning lady herself At Home with Mrs M. Check out my Linky Love page for the link.

Kapiti Island Today 27th November 2012

Kapiti Island Today 3.30pm ...

It's been a week since my last post, sorry folks! Time has been an issue!

Today's picture of Kapiti Island (as pointed out by my glamorous assistant, while I panicked that she would fall down the cliff that is behind the fence down onto the beach) is taken from Queen Elizabeth Park. I decided against the normal beach after last weeks excitement!

However it wouldn't be a normal trip for The Hound, The Cherubs and I if there wasn't any action/drama!

Rocko had his usual run in with another hound. Nothing new there then!

Maisie had a meltdown! (Don't ask, long day, tired, hot, hungry!)

I had a meltdown! (Don't ask, long day, tired, hot, hungry!)

I nearly slipped and fell ... several times! (Very hilly path, with gravel, and two heavy babies in a buggy! I never said it was a good idea but unfortunately the fecking dog needs walked!)

On the plus side we all had some fresh air, the dog stretched his legs, as did I, we got to see beautiful blue sky's, the sea and the stunning Kapiti Island!

So I suppose one mustn't grumble :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Kapiti Island Today 20/11/12

Kapiti Island Today 3.15pm

It's been a sweaty, clammy day. When the sun did come out (on and off) it was hot, hot, hot!

The Cherubs and I took The Hound to the beach to stretch his legs. The tide was high so we just went a little way along, parked up and threw some sticks for The Hound. Archie sat in his pram and thought this was hilarious. Maisie dug in the sand and collected shells. Seeing as it was so warm I dipped my toe in the sea to see if it was warm too. It was! Result! It won't be long till we will be getting our swimming gear on for our trips to the beach!

Our little happy scene was interrupted when a scary big dog came along and chatted to Rocko. Rocko has small dog syndrome and is known to really annoy dogs bigger than him! Not normally a major concern as the scary big dogs trot off giving Rocko a look of disdain over there shoulder but when I clocked the owner (someone I know to be unsavoury) I started to worry a bit for Rocko and Maisie. Both annoying little creatures dotting around a big dog with a scary owner!

They carried on down the beach but turned back so I attempted to herd my mob back to the car before they reached us! I failed and the other dog caught up to us in the car park. Always a worry regardless of the dog and its owner when one is on the lead and the other is off! In my panic to get to the car I rammed the pram into someone's car. While I backed up Rocko yelped and I screamed! I think my scream scared the other dog off!

I felt really silly but I am cursed with an over active imagination! The other dog was probably harmless BUT knowing the owner I just did not know what the dog had been trained to do!

What a tit I felt! No one batted an eyelid at my scream though thankfully, nor did the people who's car I rammed!!!!!

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Monday, 19 November 2012

#Meal Planning Monday 19th November 2012

I'm not feeling very inspired this week. This may reflect in my menu!
On the menu in The Simpson house this week in no particular order;
  • Steak, baked potato and corn on the cob. We had this week, we all enjoyed it so much we decided to make it a weekly staple until we get bored of it! Although Lil' Sis' and Lovely Hubby said they would rather just have salad instead of baked potatoes! Crispy water ain't enough for me I'm afraid!
  • Mums Chicken Curry. It's my late finish week this week so I made this on Sunday and popped it in the freezer ready to haul out when we fancy it! Clicks here for the recipe.
  • Old faithful pasta, pesto and garlic sauce and veg (maybe asparagus if its in supermarket).
  • Cheese Toasties, we never got round to having this last week.
  • Homemade KFC style wraps, see what I mean here. We were meant to have these last week too but the risotto on last weeks plan lasted two nights and on Saturday we had Thai takeaway.
You may notice 5 meals where there should be 7! I am so uninspired I can't even manage 7 meals! BUT we will not starve! I just remembered we are going out for dinner on Wednesday and Lil' Sis' is rustling something up for us on Monday night!

Maybe I will get inspiration from some other blog meal plans.

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Kapiti Island Today 18th November 2012

Kapiti island Today 5.15pm ...

Apologies to Kapiti today! Both cherubs were sleeping, the sun was out, I put sunblock on and sat outside, the clouds came over! Sorry folks! I have an uncanny way of controlling the weather with my actions, sunblock application and hanging out washing have the biggest impact!!!

By the time I mustered up enough energy to get out to walk the hound there was a stormy looking thing coming in from a south west direction, you can see it to the left of the island in the picture, there was still beautiful blue sky's on the right hand side!

The Hound and I had a typical surreal trip to the beach. Dispute the changeable weather and choppy sea there was a random man in for a swim, a kayaker and a rogue tide, we had plenty beach then all of a sudden I had to jump on a rock as the tide came whooshing up out of the blue!

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Silent Sunday 18th November 2012

Love All Blogs

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Kapiti Island Today 17th November 2012

Drive by for today's photo! Yucky wet horrible day, even Kapiti Island is trying to hide behind the clouds!

Today was very much a sloth day! I did have lots of plans for painting and activities with the babies but none of it was achieved.

I DID managed to skype with my best chum Mummysknee, rehang Darling Daughters Kindy art work, make a batch of corn fritters for Second Born Son, sort some paperwork, get some Christmas shopping ideas and do our U.K tax returns so not an entire waste of a day!

A sloth day is needed now and again, no?

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#Saturday is Caption Day 17th November 2012

Such a beautiful child!!!!
Such lovely table manners!!!!
Give us a caption! Go on! You know you want to!

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