Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Kapiti Island Today 20/11/12

Kapiti Island Today 3.15pm

It's been a sweaty, clammy day. When the sun did come out (on and off) it was hot, hot, hot!

The Cherubs and I took The Hound to the beach to stretch his legs. The tide was high so we just went a little way along, parked up and threw some sticks for The Hound. Archie sat in his pram and thought this was hilarious. Maisie dug in the sand and collected shells. Seeing as it was so warm I dipped my toe in the sea to see if it was warm too. It was! Result! It won't be long till we will be getting our swimming gear on for our trips to the beach!

Our little happy scene was interrupted when a scary big dog came along and chatted to Rocko. Rocko has small dog syndrome and is known to really annoy dogs bigger than him! Not normally a major concern as the scary big dogs trot off giving Rocko a look of disdain over there shoulder but when I clocked the owner (someone I know to be unsavoury) I started to worry a bit for Rocko and Maisie. Both annoying little creatures dotting around a big dog with a scary owner!

They carried on down the beach but turned back so I attempted to herd my mob back to the car before they reached us! I failed and the other dog caught up to us in the car park. Always a worry regardless of the dog and its owner when one is on the lead and the other is off! In my panic to get to the car I rammed the pram into someone's car. While I backed up Rocko yelped and I screamed! I think my scream scared the other dog off!

I felt really silly but I am cursed with an over active imagination! The other dog was probably harmless BUT knowing the owner I just did not know what the dog had been trained to do!

What a tit I felt! No one batted an eyelid at my scream though thankfully, nor did the people who's car I rammed!!!!!

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  1. Ooh clammy days are not my fave, but I love that you always get out there to seek the beauty.

    Aloha Sweet Friend,

    The ladies and I are starting to gather a bit early this week so that we can take our turkey loving time mingling and growing together over the next few days.

    Thank you for linking up with us last week, thank you for sharing your sweet energy with all of us... thank you for being beautiful you.

    Come join us if you please.

  2. You were just being "momma bear" and protecting your cub. It's incredible what our minds begin doing once we have a little one. Thank you for sharing and linking up to the Empowered Living hop, hope to see you back again.