Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Meal Planning Monday 26th November 2012

I got Lovely Hubby to plan the meals this week! Not sure how, at brunch on Sunday I asked home what he wanted and he managed to fill the week. Normally he puts it back to me but he must have been inspired this week (ha! Maybe not when you see what we're having).

In no particular order this week we will be having;

  • Pasta, sauce, bacon and asparagus
  • Steak, baked tattie and corn on the cob (I think we have spare asparagus so we will have that too)
  • Lil' Sis is doing Fajitas for us one night
  • Chicken Supreme (mummy's recipe), roast tatties in our magic roast tattie machine and brocolli
  • Cheese toasty and soup
  • Lentil Dahl
  • We have prawns in the freezer, some noodles and all sorts stock ingredients for noodely prawn dishes so between us we will rustle something Asian inspired up

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