Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I am a particular fan of bubbles ... the delicious alcoholic variety! Unfortunate expensive taste but jolly yummy!

Darling Daughter and Second Born Son quite like them too ... thankfully the soapy bubble kind. They love it when I blow big bubbles for them while they are in the bath and Maisie loves to chase bubbles down the beach.

I was lucky enough to have half an hour to prowl pinterest this afternoon and found these ...

Apparently if you pour the contents of a glow stick into some bubbles hey presto you create glow in the dark bubbles. If this is true this is awesomeness made easy!

Think this is a wee project for me and my babies at the weekend. Saturday night is bubbles night for mummy and daddy. Why not for the babies too?

If it is a success I would like to try homemade actual bubbles! If anyone would like to share any recipes here in the comments, on my twitter or on my Facebook page. Any reports back or pictures of the glow in the dark bubbles would be great too.

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