Sunday, 9 September 2012

My Version of the Sunday Papers

Today we had a lazy Sunday! Yummy food, booze, movies! Oh yeah and pinterest! Perfect!

Here are some of the funnies that made me snigger!

We watched The Hunger Games the other night! I loved it! It was really good. This would have meant nothing to me otherwise! I can't wait till the next installment!

Tooooo cute!

Must remember this trick for later life ...

My next drinking game! Stick a rash on your Telly box and take a drink each time it lines up with someone's face! Think it may get funnier with drink!

Must ask my beauty therapist to do this next time ...

Why I am nervous to join my cherubs playing at the park! Pretty sure knowing my luck this would happen to me!

I really wish I thoughu of this when I had my bump earlier on in the year!

I could add many more but I'll save them up for later xxx

Oh yeah forgot about this! It's been stormy, actual proper stormy weather here in The Wellington Region! I read this article and lol'd. Its always windy flying into Welly! It is called Windy Welly after all! It must have been super bad for this to happen ...

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