Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Meal Planning Monday 3rd September 2012

Eeek ... Bit late this week! But a plan was made I just haven't had time to write it up yet. This working for a living business is somewhat time consuming!!!

Sunday - it was fathers day here in New Zealand so we went out for a big lunch so for dinner we just had cheese toasties. We use our panini press and Lovely Hubby packs them full with cheese (funnily enough!), ham and jalapeƱos!

Monday - it was my birthday on Tuesday so Lovely Hubby and I went out for tea on Monday. We went to a cool place called Valhallah. It has changed hands unsuccessfully many a time but the guise it has opened as most recently is as a Stone Grill! I fricking love it. A hot hot (super hot stone that takes hours to cool and that the kitchen staff need special gloves from the fire department to handle!) stone with a big hunk of raw meat that you chop up yourself and sear each piece as you want! As usual pig pants me finished Lovely Hubbies dinner too!

Tuesday - lovely hubby made one of my fave dinners for my birthday tea, pasta with steak and a blue cheese sauce. It's so tasty but it is so bad for you. He makes it with cooking cream, blue cheese, peppers/capsicums, and onion. This time he popped in some chickpeas too which were a great addition. For pudding we had ice cream cake. Ice cream cake on birthdays is now a Simpson family tradition ... Nom nom nom!

Wednesday - Lovely Hubby is in Auckland today for a meeting so I will have some Lentil Dahl ready for his return.

Thursday - I will be gyming after work so we will have normal, boring but tasty pasta and sauce when I get home.

Friday - we'll have baked potatoes with beans and cheese with Darling Daughter. I'm out for birthday drinkies with 'The Girls' later in the evening!

Saturday - the yummy Sweet Potato/Kumara Curry from last weeks meal plan with some prawns chucked in!

What is everyone else eating this week?

I'll try to be on time and linked up correctly next week!

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