Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Meal Planning Monday 10th September 2012

In no particular order this week we will be having ...

  • Steak Stir fry - Lovely Hubby just pan fries some steak, frozen stir fry veg and adds a stirring sauce. Serve with some noodles and hey presto! A handy tip for those anyone out there who like me has no patience for eating noodles ... Chop them up with scissors. I like to eat most of my meals with a spoon! Guaranteed to allow you to shovel in every last morsel at break neck speed!
  • Cheese toasties - nice and easy for one of the nights I finish work later. We'll make them a bit more interesting with ham, mustard and jalapeƱos added to the cheese
  • My Mums Chicken Curry - household favorite, get the recipe here Not So Super Scottish Mummy: Chicken Curry Recipe...Warning it's Hot Hot Hot!
  • Pasta with bacon and veg - not a week goes by when we don't have this
  • Chick pea curry and chicken - this is meant to be a vegetarian dish served with rice, but we have grilled chicken with the chickpea curry on the side. Get the recipe for the curry here Chickpea and Tomato Curry Recipe - Quick and easy at
  • Lentil Dahl - quick and easy, the recipe is from a friend of a friend. I will need to seek permission before sharing this baby
  • Baked potato with cheese and pickle - no explanation needed here. Another easy option for an simple after work meal
It's a busy week this week. I will plan the night before what's for dinner the following night taking into consideration what time I finish work and what is in date!  

Pressing publish now otherwise it will be next Monday before we know it!

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  1. Sounds fab, I know what you damn about oodles. I use a knife to cut up spaghetti & shovel ;)

    I remember coming to your mum's house & she made us her signature curry and she didn't have any natural yoghurt for me to cool it down so I had single cream. LOL