Monday, 29 October 2012

Kapiti Island Today 29th October 2012

Kapiti Island today 6.30pm ...

Our first trip to the beach after work this spring. We would probably have been earlier but The Hound has had poorly skin for the last month or so so we have been avoiding it seeing as he can't help but dive bomb into the sea as soon as he hits the beach, not the best tactic for healing a scabby skinned beast. BUT his skin is finally clearing and he finished his antibiotics after 3 weeks of antibiotic filled cheese balls twice a day we treated him to half an hour terrorising other hounds and hound walkers trying to enjoy a leisurely evening stroll. I had to set an alarm to remind me to give him his medication, sweet boy began to recognise the alarm and got so excited by his cheese balls he forgot to try and forage out the mess!

The idea of taking The Hound to the beach always seems like such a good idea, he gets to stretch his legs and run without his lead on and we all get fresh air and to stretch our own legs. I always forget how much of a stress it actually is (they don't call me Stress Head Simpson for nothing). I spend most of my time yelling after him terrified he is going to get eaten by a bigger dog or piss off a little dogs owner. He's got small dog syndrome and makes a beeline for the biggest dog he can find and torments it! To add to the stress I then get to yell at him to stay in his basket once we get home because he's soaking wet! No sooner has he raced along the beach for two minutes than he is tired out and lying down in the sea to cool down! MESSY GIT.

Regardless I still love him to bits, he's my first born. In fact the other day at the vet (bad parent alert) Lovely Hubby and I were discussing how cute he was when he was a baby and we both agreed that between him and The Cherubs he was definitely the cutest baby....


  1. Found you on Harvest of Friends. Hope the hound feels better soon. I think I would be stressed with any pet at the beach. I wish we lived closer to one. i woukd love to take my kids.

    1. The hound is so much better, so kind of you to wish him well. The beach is great but man the sand is a menace!
      Great to meet you, thank you for stopping by x