Monday, 29 October 2012

Meal Planning Monday 29th October 2012

It's been a while but in an attempt to gain some kind of control over what I eat and our weekly budget here I am joining in with Meal Planning Monday again!

Same old same old this week but I am already planning some new stuff for next week. Trying to fit life, family, work, exercise, cooking etc in is tricky so the quest for tasty, healthy AND easy/quick meals is never ending!

Sunday - it's been a while, lovely hubby keeps offering to make one and this week I think I will accept ... Roast Chicken Dinner! (We've had it and it was yum, even wee Archie was inhaling the sweet potato/kumara)

Monday - Lentil Dahl. I might make it on Sunday so it's ready for after work on Monday. (It's Monday and I have pre-made this, will just need to reheat and add some more stock and perhaps lentils)

Tuesday - Spicy Prawns a la Lovely Hubby (he rustles up a marinade with kataya sauce and other spicy bits) with choice of rice or baked potato and lots of broccoli and green beans.

Wednesday - Grilled Chicken, roast potatoes, curry mushrooms (another Lovely Hubby speciality).

Thursday - Fillet steak on the barbecue with baked potato and spinach fried off with pesto.

Friday - Quick Chilli made in the slow cooker from my old faithful 'Food in a Minute' recipe.

Saturday - not sure yet, I'm on a healthy eating regime so if I loose weight this week we may have the treat of take away Thai.

I'm linking up to the leader of Meal Planning Monday 'At Home With Mrs M'.


  1. Wow you are organized. My family gets the same things all the time! Also I'm lauding because I have zero clue what some of those things are-kataya sauce? Kumara? Good luck with losing weight! Visitng from the moms mingle

  2. Unfortunately my Lovely Hubbies mum is an awesome cook so he needs to be kept happy! Although he does a lot of the cooking!
    Kumara is sweet potato in New Zealand, and kataya sauce is an awesome spicy sauce!
    Thank you so much for stopping by, pleased to meet you x