Thursday, 18 October 2012

M.I.A Again

I've been off the blogosphere again! We've had the In-Laws visiting. Something that I'm sure would strike fear in the heart of many BUT it was cause for great excitement for us ... Not only are my Hubbies Maw and Paw pretty awesome but they hadn't seen Brian for 2 years or Maisie, Rocko and I for 18 months AND they hadn't even met little Archie Boy Simpson.

Although they are still here for a few more days I am back to work after having some time of for their visit so I thought I would attempt a blog.

I know this blog is nothing exciting but informative no!?!?

We've had quite an adventurous fortnight with some super snaps. So I have some blogging fodder to get me back on the blogging horse quick smart!

I may well resort to on the go blogging, little tit bits like this just to keep on it! Watch this space ...

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