Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cookie Time Round 2

I'm trying to be a good mummy and have yummy cookies for my Darling Daughter to munch on. I have visions of her gazing up at me adoringly munching said cookie with a glass of milk and sporting a cute milk mustache!

I've also recently learned that both my sister (who lives with us) and Lovely Hubby love peanut butter.

To my delight I discovered that peanut butter cookies require minimal ingredients and faffing around.

Check out my previous post 'Cookie Time'. They are yummers and only have 3 ingredients....my kinda baking. If a recipe has more than five ingredients it tends to be a disaster!

The ingredient limit made this next recipe a bit daunting but ...

Here you have it...

...Nom nom nom!

First time for everything, usually I fail big style at baking but after a few false starts with ingredients I now have a biscuit box full of yummy, less basic peanut butter cookies.

Only complaint on my part is I wish I had a bigger baking sheet. It took forever to bake all the actual biscuits. I had to do it in five batches. It's my birthday soon, mayhap I will ask the birthday fairy for an extra big baking tray. (bloody hell what a rock and roll life I lead!)

Em...my only other complaint is that they are a bit soggy. A trait I like but assumed noone else would BUT Lovely Hubby, Darling Daughter and Lil' Sis' love them too! So it's not really a complaint as it doesn't actually matter.

Next project is to perfect choc chip cookies, suggestions welcome xxx


  1. These look so tummy yummy mummy! Saying hi from Local Sugar Hop! Cheers!

  2. Hello there ladies holiday. Thanks for your comment. Popping over to check out your blog xxx