Monday, 27 August 2012

Meal Planning Monday 27th August 2012

Some weeks meal planning is really simple but I stupidly asked for input form Lovely Hubby and Lil' Sis. I wish I hadn't! Lil' Sis just wanted the same things as last week! And everything I mentioned Lovely Hubby stuck his nose up. So I went in a strop and rather childishly proclaimed 'f@&k you both you can do the fecking meal planning'. Needless to say they didn't so I did it myself and didn't ask for their input. They'll eat what they are given!

Maaaaan I sound like my mother ha ha ha!

I am increasing my work load as of this week so I have tried to keep things as simple as possible! Things might get a bit repetitive but needs must!

Sunday - We spent the day in Wellington so we treated ourselves and The Cherubs to dinner out. We went to a cute little pizza place called One Red Dog. It was great. We don't go out much so I was nervous about asking them to heat Archie's milk and purée but they were so cool about it. I just remember when I asked in the U.K for people to do the same for Maisie some people were so awkward about it. As well as great service the food was great.  I had mussels to start and calzone for main. Yum yum!

Monday - Thai Green Prawn Curry with rice and broccoli. First day working in a new place and working till 6pm so need it to be simple.

Tuesday - Grilled chicken, roast potatoes and curried mushrooms. I know we had that last week but it is so good and easy. And we all love it.

Wednesday - Sweet Potato Curry. A veggie curry my chum from Mummysknee blogged about as a guest blog for At Home With Mrs M? It looks like just my cup of tea or perhaps I should say just my bowl of curry! I do however think I will need to add some kind of meat to keep Lovely Hubby happy.

Thursday - Good old meal planning regular ... pasta with creamy garlic and pesto sauce, bacon and some kind of veg.

Friday - Not sure about today, will rustle something up with what we have.

Saturday - Cherry Tomato Pasta, a Gino D'Acampo recipe I believe. It's been a while since we have had it but I'll give it a whirl.

Whats on the menu with you guys?

Check out some more meal plans over at At Home with Mrs M.

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