Friday, 24 August 2012

Sheltered? Moi?

I'm beginning to think I have led a sheltered upbringing!

I would have thought coming to live on the sleepy area of the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand would have meant that I would be the big city girl! You know! The streetwise chic! Nothing should make me raise and eyebrow (something I can do one at a time by the way, a McLelland trait, The McLelland Eyebrow if you will). I've seen it all and then some! If I've not seen it I've heard it!

Well imagine the scene this morning me and my lovely Hound, Rocko Boy, enjoying a sunny stroll along the beach.

It may be eight days till spring but I wasn't overly surprised to see someone come down onto the beach in their toggs. Bit chilly for me in the water but these Kiwis are crazy, they love a swim in the sea, a bit like the like the British need to strip off at the slightest hint of sun, the Kiwis need to get in the water at the first glimpse of sun!

'Aaah look Rocko someone off for a swim', yes I am crazy too, I have a grand old chat with the dog when we're out.

Granted the swimmer looked a 
bit sheepish, glancing around as he trotted down to the water, I assumed he was a bit shy given his skin tight speedo style shorts and skinny body. But no, he was in fact waiting till the rest of the beach were looking the other way so that he could whip his shorts off and wash his bits in the sea!!!!!

I had a peek back to see if he was half way to Kapiti Island or like I would have been dancing around at the edge but to my prudish horror I was met with a bare bum and some bits getting washed, then he scurried back up to his house!

Like I said, I thought I had seen it all! But know I have seen a considerable lot more since living in N.Z. Seeing this made me think that I must write it down. Consider this post to be an intoduction to My A-Z of Aotearoa, an A-Z of all things Kiwi ...


  1. Remember seeing something similar once in Vejers Strand in Denmark but having lived in Germany where they're keen to show the world their tackle at every opportunity, it didn't come as such a shock.

    1. Oh yeah the Germans love a good nudist beach!
      Having said that there is a nudist spot further up the coast here, maybe he was confused :)

  2. Nothing like a bit of bare bum to start your morn off right. =)

    Aloha to ya and thanks for the sweet giggle, you're poor pup must've been traumatized, hee... hee. Thanks so much for linking up with us this Wed. it's always so sweet to see ya.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Nicole. I love your blogs and it's hops xxx