Monday, 20 August 2012

Oreo Pops

I saw these ... 


on the MamasStyle Facebook page and thought 'ooooh these look like a cute, EASY, addition to the menu for Darling Daughters Rainbow Care Bear party'.

Silly me!

Ok I just went by the pictures, I didn't look up any instructions. But come on how hard could it be just get some Oreos, lolly sticks, sprinkles and melted chocolate and put it all together.

No, no, no.

The first step of putting the lolly sticks into the middle of the biscuit sandwiches resulted in not only splitting the sandwich apart but breaking the biscuits too.

I wasn't amused to say the least but I managed to salvage the situation.

I rescued the Oreos that had just split in half and still had in fact biscuits. I laid them on some grease proof paper and used the melted chocolate as glue and poured it over them sticking the sandwich back together with the lolly stick inbetween! I poured over the sprinkles, let it dry, turned them over and did the same to the other side.

I ended up with six cookies stuck together with chocolate and six lolly sticks sticking out. It didn't look great but I just used a sharp knife to cut them apart!


The method wasn't quite what I imagined but they looked pretty cool. Lovely Hubby was very excited by them and insisted I save one for him!!! The kids quite liked them too but I don't think anybody (except LovelyHubby) managed a whole one!

I just poped them in a pint glass weigheddown with left over pebbles and M&Ms...ta da ... My effort ...





  1. Have you ever tried peanut butter oreos? Simply the best! COming to you from the Local Sugar blog hop!

  2. No I have not but they sound great. Thanks for hopping by and taking the time to comment xxx

  3. Soo cute! And they look tasty too! thanks so much for hopping with Curious Wisdom!