Wednesday, 1 August 2012

3rd Birthday Party Notsosuperscottishmummy Style Part 1

I am known to fact I earned the lovely nickname Stresshead Simpson in one jolly workplace! If there is something to stress about I'll find it. In fact if I find myself not stressing I stress because that can't be right and I must be something however small that I should be stressing about. Sure in enough, if I stop and think I find it lurking at the back of my brain.
Imagine my delight at the prospect of organizing Darling Daughters 3rd Birthday Party. I really wanted her and her friends to have an awesome time but not at the expense of my sanity!
Luckily for me I found a lovely page on Facebook called Mama's Style just before I started my panic about what to do for Darling Daughters 3rd birthday. Mama's Style is full of awesome finds for loads of things for kids and Mummies. The lovely Mama's Style lady has since set up a lovely blog of her own, it has cool ideas, finds and just stuff it's great, go see for
Anyhoo it was here that I found some great ideas for The Party.
I wanted something simple but fun. I had a look through The Mama's Style pictures and found some great ideas but the one that seemed to have the simplest things to make was the rainbow theme. My only worry here was that Darling Daughters wee friend had a rainbow party earlier in the year and I was worried her Mummy might think I was copying but I wasn't. And besides I was doing different things as she did. Her mummy happens to be Superfitmummy who is a good chum so even if she thought I was copying (which I wasn't) she wouldn't mind.
I also wanted to have some great decorations to make it special for Darling Daughter and again with the help of Mama's Style I found a great website called Full of great ideas and supplies for kids parties. I ordered them on Friday and they arrived on awesome is that? I was super impressed.
I would love to have done a dinosaur party, fairy party, sesame street party, toy story party, smurf party...the list is endless but decorations aside food ideas for any of the other options might have been tricky for the likes of me.
So imagine my delight when I found Care Bear stuff. Yippee skippe. I fricking loved The Care Bears when I was a nipper and as luck would have it Darling Daughter loves them too. Granted the new style Care Bears aren't as cute as the old style ones but The Care Bear them and rainbow theme go well together and The Care Bear stuff looked lovely and colorful and wasn't going to break the bank. I wanted the whole Care Bear thing to be a surprise but I wanted to make sure Darling Daughter approved so I checked with her and she was super stoked with the idea.
I'm the kind of person who likes/needs to have everything matching, some may call it OCD! I struggled not to blow the budget on getting every little thing I could find that was Care Bear related. I managed to ration myself to a tablecloth, banner, cups, plates, napkins, masks and blowers. Your probably wondering what else was available seeing as that actually seems a lot but there was two sizes of plates, cups and napkins, straws, party bags, notebooks, table decoration.....the list goes on. The only thing I would have liked to get that I couldn't find was a Care Bear teddy. Lovely Hubby would also have liked it if we could find Care Bear costumes for either her or us. That would have been cute! Oh yeah I also liked the idea of putting up a Care Bear Poster and getting the kids in there masks to stand next to it and have there photo taken but I couldn't find a poster in time.
Back to the food. I picked things that looked simple to do and fitted the theme in the hope that as they were simple they would look as good as the web pictures I found them on. But surprise surprise with me at the helm nothing really turned out as it should have EXCEPT the marshmallows dipped in chocolate. My own idea and hardly difficult but they looked cool. Even the rainbow cloud cupcakes my Little Sister made suffered due to my input but they tasted awesome.
I'll share some of our failures and triumphs in the next few blogs.
To be continued


  1. Very nice ideas, i was wondering something new to start this year for kid's birthday.

  2. Cool, glad you like x
    Check back over the next week, I'll be putting up some pics x