Friday, 15 February 2013

... get fitter, eat healthier, drink less, have fun with the kids... DAY 44 and 45

Get Fitter

Day 44 - Tabata day today ... Here's what we did ...

When I first looked I wasn't sure on what have of the things were but once our trainer @andrewsmithfit explained it all (kind of) of makes sense! If you want explanations please feel free to ask I'm the comments!

I popped something in my butt when I did the lunges and have been suffering since!

Day 45 - Rest day! My festering cold and early starts are catching up! I could have done with a full on rest day, no work just lazing on the sofa but that is never going to happen!

We are having a bit of a debate at work as to how much rest we should have before the Triathlon (2 of us are doing the full thing and 1 is doing the bike/run). The Husband of one of my colleagues/chums is full of pearls of wisdom! He thinks 7 days of rest before the event is optimum! This may be the case but I am planning Tabata Thursday morning as my last effort then rest till Sunday!

Eat Healthier
Just the usual boring stuff over the last couple of days. Although I had a Chelsea bun for Brekkie this morning! Rest day for exercise so I thought I would be super bad and rest food wise too! That was the only naughtiness though!

Drink Less (Alcohol More Water)
  • We had some bubbles for valentines day! But zero alcohol tonight!
  • The usual 2 litres of water each day.

Have Fun With The kids

Day 44 - Half working day! It was a lovely hot day so we got the paddling pool open and the pirate ship water table out and spent the afternoon in the garden!

Day 44 - Solo parenting tonight so treated Archie to some blackberries, an ice cream cone and a little bit of milky bar. Maisie had some milky bar and fizzy water! I then treated Maisie to no bath, Archie needed one after the blackberries! Maisie helped me bath him! He had a great time standing up, sitting down, splashing, putting his face in the water then repeat! He loves the water! I can't help wondering if it is something to do with Hume being born into the water!?

Any of you that know me and spotted the solo parenting/zero alcohol combination may be smiling knowingly as you read!

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