Sunday, 10 February 2013

#TeamHonks Ghana Galavant #Goodwork

Comic Relief/Red Nose Day is celebrating 25 years of fantastic fundraising this year! £600 million has been put to good use as a result!

What better way to spread the word about some of the successful projects than to enlist the power of some awesome Blog Ladies! And thus #Teamhonk was born!

The Lovely #Teamhonk otherwise known as Annie from Mammasaurus, Penny from Aresidence and Tanya from Mummybarrow trotted off to Ghana to see some of the #goodwork projects that have come about with the help of the awesome Red Nose Day fundraising. They were lucky enough to visit a women's bakery, a school in a slum area, a vaccination clinic and a mental health project. A fascinating and humbling experience no doubt!

Did I mention that they were joined by none other than Jonathon Ross and Davina McCall!

Us lucky fellow bloggers were able to request a digital postcard from #Teamhonk so that we could share the #goodwork message. I am a pharmacist and as it happens the Pharmacy I work in deals with a lot of Mental Health patients so I thought it fitting to request one from the Mental Health Project.

Annie sent me this postcard ...

'This afternoon we visited a mental health self help support group meeting run by the Basic Needs Trust. In this photo you see a self help group meeting taking place run by the Basic Needs Trust. This open and communal discussion helps people with mental ill health help each other and removes the solitary suffering that it can cause. This was my favourite project to visit personally x'

Penny sent me this one ...

Here we are talking to a project leader Bernard from the Basic Needs Trust and Atta Kwambe beneficiary of the self help group funded by Comic Relief. Bernard translates as Atta Kwambe narrates his journey through mental illness, facing stigma, trying healers and finally finding treatment and support within his community thanks to the project. A really inspiring project.

Let's keep the #goodwork going ....

This is a digital postcard sent from TeamHonk (;; during their travels with Comic Relief in Ghana celebrating #goodwork.

For the past 25 years the money raised through Red Nose Day has been changing the lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa. Let’s Keep Up the Good Work. Find out how at

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  1. Thanks ever so much for posting this - perfect x

  2. It's great that this message is being spread around.
    Love your photo. The fact that it looks so comfortable and normal for the ladies to be talking to these men. And always such happy, positive images.

  3. Thank you for sharing your postcard!