Sunday, 17 February 2013

... get fitter, eat healthier, drink less, have fun with the kids... DAY 47

Get Fitter

I had my first shot on a racer bike today! I had a wee 4km practice on the flat in Queen Elizabeth Park then did the actual Tri course! One of the wheel spokes went pop at 2km in! Not knowing any better I kept going! Pretty quick bike but I struggled with the gears! I didn't really feel like I knew what I was doing! Whole different kettle of fish. Not sure what I'll do....

Eat Healthier
  • Avocado on toast for Brekkie.
  • Picnics lunch, bread, salami, blue cheese, pâté.
  • Steak plus leftover picnic food for dinner.

Drink Less (Alcohol, More Water)
  • White wine is being consumed.
  • 3 litres of water.

Have Fun With The Kids

As the Triathlon Event gets closer I am having to train more and am asa result a tired bo bo! As a result I have little time or energy to think of and do fun things with the kids but I made up for it this afternoon!

Waikanae Outdoor Pools can fix everything! Especially when there is picnic, sunshine and our lovely friends and their very own boy cherub joining made a very pleasant afternoon!

Mummy boast time! Maisie and her little chum were going for glory, diving in with no flotation device and kicking and splashing under water like proper little water babies!

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  1. Oh now you're just making me jealous - sun, ice creams and children having fun in the outdoors! You're doing so well with your new fitness regime (minus the wine!) - well done :)