Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saturday Is Caption Day 2/2/13

During our trip to Owcatraz this week our guide took us to see their KuneKune pig. The guide and the pig had an awesome relationship! So much so that he trusted her to take bread straight from his mouth! Eeeeek rather him than me!

Can you help me out with a caption please?

Hop on over to our Satcap leader to join in with more captioning fun @mammasaurus.


  1. give us a kiss..i might turn into a prince!

  2. I hope that isn't a Bacon Sandwich!

    (goodness he's brave-they have huge teeth)

  3. The pig had taught the human to take from his mouth.

  4. Whilst I'm this end you are not seeing the vet and his thermometer!