Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Baking Success: Nutella Cookie Cups

My Saturday project from last week was a great success! *pats herself on the back*

It was a bit touch and go for a while.

All purpose flour was required, I didn't have any! Just about to go out the door to get it when Darling Daughter fell asleep (normally nap-time is a joy but not when it interrupts our schedule). My baking ignorance meant that I wasn't sure if I really needed all purpose flour. As it turns out I couldn't find the damn stuff anyway! After some research (i.e a quick google search) I chose high grade flour.

So Saturday project it was not! Way too much happening on Sunday to squeeze in baking new creations, work Monday, so It became Tuesday Project! Turned out to be most convenient as I had a chum round for afternoon tea, always good to serve home baking in that situation (not usually for me as usually vile creations). I rustled them up (yep rustled them up, you read right, it really was that easy!) while Maisie snoozed. I included her in the process by letting her lick the utensils once she got up from her nap.

For such a yummy looking treat I assumed there would be some involvement of stirring the mixture while standing on my head or some such degree of difficulty. But no, I was pleasantly surprised. I have learnt from my past mistakes. This baking isn't willy nilly ingredient adding. No sire bob it's actually quite scientific. Best way for success is to do what the instructions said. I didn't to the letter but I did more than I normally would!

Where I deviated;
  • When told to beat, then fold, then stir the various I ingredients in I made no technique change no technique change! I just used my grannies mixing bowl for each step!
  • You have to roll the dough into balls once all ingredients are added. My dough wasn't very doughy so I added a bit of normal flour. Maybe not the right thing to do but it didn't kill it!
  • Cooking time was meant to be 10-12 minutes but shock horror I only did 9! Have learnt over time that our rubbishy wee oven is super hot.

No harm done though, check out these babies ...

Look how they should (give or take a few Nutella dribbles and cracks in the pastry) AND they taste amazeballs ( a tricky word to fit in but perfect here).
Safe to say I am particularly chuffed. Probably one of my most successful baking exploits since school!

Get the recipe from DaisyChubb.


  1. This looks really yummy. Did it get time to cool or was it done as soon as it got out the oven?? :)

    1. Cool for 2minutes then spoon in nutella, it melts in! So so so yummy!

  2. Yay they look PERFECT!
    Ohh can I come over? Or are they all gone now? haha!
    Thanks for trying out my recipe ;)

    1. I was good and only had one. My wee family enjoyed them. Feeling exceptionally brave and am going to make a batch for work!