Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Kapiti Island Today 14th November 2012

Kapiti Island today 6.25pm ...

The forecast this week was pretty poor. We have been spoilt lately with the lovely weather. Sunday was to be the beginning of hideous rain BUT Sunday was as far as it went.

However despite the lovely weather today is our first day at the beach!

Tonight I decided to dust down our baby carrier! A bit fairer than Lovely Hubby pushing both Cherubs along in the double buggy (its the wrong height for me I tell you). I took the boy on my back and he took the girl in the pram. Although we swapped half way! Maaaaaaan our boy is heavy!

Archie Boy was casual as ever given it was a potentially exciting new mode of transport for him! If not a bit confused by the fact that he wasn't in the buggy! Ha! He was blathering away and flapping his wings before long though.

I thought Maisie Boo would be tired but she enjoyed getting out and pushing the pram herself (bit safer when the pram is empty). It turned into a game on the way back. Soooo funny I was the baby/Maisie and Maisie was the mummy. 'Mummy' wanted me to get in the buggy so of course I obliged but surprise surprise my big ass was never getting in that baby shaped space. Boy did 'Mummy' laugh! So cute. I as 'the baby' had to hold on to the lead of the pram and hold 'Mummy's' hand while crossing the road. Such a cute age. I reckon it's probably a good learning point, the role reversal, a chance for Maisie to realise why I nag her so much sometimes. Even when we got home she got her self dressed for bed, put her dirty washing in the washing basket and tidied her shoes away WITHOUT BEING ASKED ... Soooooooo Cute :)

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  1. So cute! I love it when they switch roles and act so grown up as the mommy. Great imagination!

    1. It's so cute, she can be such a sensible mummy. Today she was granny and the dog was grandad!
      Thanks for commenting!