Tuesday, 13 November 2012

How Not To Do Orange Segment Rainbow Jelly

This is what was meant to have been served up at Darling Daughters Care Bear Rainbow 3rd Birthday party;

Looks pretty cool what could go wrong?

Oh yeah I could get involved! Ignoramous moi!

To see how to do it properly click here.

How to avoid being a dick (sorry for naughty word but best descrption) like me and making a hash of it!
  • Expect waste. Leftover jelly, dudd orange shells, off cuts from the finished product.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to let the jellies set. If I just did the original plan the jelly would have set better and I would have been able to do each colour one after the other and just chuck out the spare jelly. I do not like food waste so I decided (way too late) to do a big bowl of rainbow jelly to use up the spare jelly. This meant that I had to do one colour at a time allowing each one to set before doing the next one. I was setting an alarm to make the next colour so I would finish all the colours in time for the party. I actually had to get up in the middle of the night (see told you dick) to fit them all in.
  • Use an electric device to hollow out the oranges like I did but don't go crazy and hollow out too much. I was trying to get all the orange out so I was left with a white shell to get best background for the coloured jelly to show up on (so anal, so very, very anal). I ended up with a hole in the first one. If I looked at the picture of the good ones closer I would have seen that they have some orange left in.
  • Buy extra oranges so you can make a few mistakes.
  • DON'T use the freezer to speed up setting of jelly. I googled it and found mixed reviews. I can tell you it doesn't work!
  • Use a sharp knife when cutting the jelly filled orange, obvious I know but just saying!
  • Make sure you have an appropriate dish to serve. I had to use two (of the dishes my friend lent me) dishes. I actually ditched one of the colours because it was such a mess. Just as well really as I didn't have the room!
I probably set my expectations a bit high! Especially as I had never even made jelly before let alone practiced the dish and was really underprepared! Regardless my guests were impressed. Hopefully genuinley impressed!

I originally got the idea from this awesome facebook page Mama's Style, check it out, some cool ideas.


  1. HYSTERICAL! Fab idea though! Linking up from the hop!! :D

    1. Yeah I wasn't laughing at the time! But now yep, I was so unprepared but had stupid expectations given my lack of prep...silly mummy!