Sunday, 4 November 2012

Wine Bottle Explanation

A couple of weeks ago my Silent Sunday picture was of a rather swanky looking bottle of wine. Click here to view

I got lots of lovely comments, some asking if and why it was special.

Those of you who actually know me will know that us Simpsons are wine connoisseurs, connoisseurs of the cask that is! Don't get me wrong we like a good wine but generally if its white and cold we're (mainly me) happy!

Here in lovely N.Z wine is taken a tad more seriously what with all the lovely vineyards across the land! One doesn't go into a bar and ask for a large glass of the house white, you actually need to know what you want e.g a sav (Sauvignon Blanc) or Pinot Gris! And there is no size option!

You would think that the abundance of wine here would mean it was cheaper than the U.K but rather annoyingly this is not the case! Noticeably one in particular, Oyster Bay, that I would class as an cheaper (not in a bad way) wine in the U.K is more expensive here! Go figure!

However you get some good cheap bubbles, YAY my fave!

Before I go into exclamation mark overdrive back to the swanky bottle in the picture...Lovely Hubbies parents have just been to visit. While they were here they visited one of the wine regions, Martinborough. For Lovely Hubbies birthday they bought him some tasty wines. One of them being the one from the picture!

We had it on there last night here. A Bronze Medal winning Pinot Noir from Sei Cento and bottled in 2008. The name means 600 in Italian the wine is produced from only 600 vines and only 600 bottles are released commercially each year. We had no 226 of 600!

It was a lovely treat and I managed to refrain from gulping it down and was able to savour the flavour and admire the fingers on the glass (or some such wine tasting jargon). Looking forward to the next bottle in our wine treat box ...


  1. Lovely. Sadly Oyster Bay is now priced out of our general bottle price
    range now. At £10.99 a bottle it's no longer even a Sat night treat.
    The bottle did look gorgeous. We tried one called Stoneridge on recent
    night out. Actually, we had two & it was an amazing NZ Pinot noir

    1. Eek, wine club phone after I had a couple of glasses of wine! Case of bubbles and sav on its way!