Friday, 16 November 2012

Kapiti Island Today 16th November 2012

Kapiti Island Today 6.15pm ...

I was aiming for a 6.15am shot. Up and dressed by 6.01am but as I picked up the car keys the heavens opened! I AM NOT THAT HARDCORE (yet)!

Heavens emptied the sky's were blue after work. Lovely Hubby is feeling a bit poorly so I left him with the kids and The Hound and I headed to Queen Elizabeth park. It's been a while since we (The Hound and I) have been running here. Lots of options inland track, coastal track, along the beach. All apart from the beach are hilly so it is potentially pretty hardcore! The picture was taken from the coastal track, a wee gap in the flora and fauna! A poop halfway round from The Hound gave me a break. No one likes to run hard with a bag full of shit flapping about in there hands!

The Hound is so funny he goes crazy on the way out, way ahead, sniffing out who knows what BUT on the way back he was the most faithful (tired) beast trotting along next to me. SO cute :). Although he does negate the cuteness by bathing in a stage to puddle half way round!!!!!

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