Thursday, 24 May 2012

Silly Silly Mummy

My Darling Daughter can be a hateful, screeching, demanding, spoilt, nasty, menace of a brat (I love her really and I'm sure she thinks the same of me on occasion) but all is forgiven and forgotten when she comes out with a hilarious retort to a question or when she throws a new word she has made up into conversation or any other language or speech based blooper! Her odd Kiwi/Scottish hybrid accent helps with the hilarity.

She recently came out with the word iplan, a mixture of idea and plan. I quite like it, it works, maybe it's not an innocent mistake, maybe she is in fact a genius!! Whatever it is it certainly makes me snigger when I propose an idea to her and she comes back with 'yes Mummy, that's a good iplan'.

Hilarious mispronunciations may be but there is a downside if you have no idea what your Cherub is talking about. It's not usually a problem for me as I'm with her all the time and can usually work out what it is she is on about. I may actually be a little guilty of encouraging her by using her new words or pronunciation. Lovely Hubby does struggle though and I often have to translate. However she had me stumped the other day asking for her hammer. I said I was sorry but not only did I not realize she had a hammer I had no idea where it was and she would have to go and look for it herself. She's not very good at looking for things at the best of times and this episode was no different, she went crazy,screeching on about her bloody hammer. I decided the best tactic was to ignore the screeching and sure enough she soon forgot what the screeching was in aid of and went back to playing. Later on she came up to me with her bike helmet she had gotten along with her first bike for her recent birthday. 'here's my hammer Mummy', 'eh that's not a hammer darling, that's your helmet' I replied, 'no Mummy it's my hammer' was her rather ratty response!

If Lovely Hubby and I have a problem understanding our very own Darling Daughter what hope do her kindy teachers have. Not only do they have her made up words and mispronunciations to deal with they also have her funny wee Scottish accent to get round.

Darling Daughter does have the ability to make me feel stupid. For example when asked if her doll baby was a girl or a boy she looked at me with disdain and answered 'no Mummy it's a baby', I retorted somewhat sarcastically 'sorry silly me', 'yes' she said 'silly, silly Mummy'. Yes Mummy didn't just deserve one silly she warranted two for this stupidity.

I was put in my place again on another occasion when I noticed that she looked like she was trying to get her whole finger up her nose (such finesse). I asked her jokingly 'what you doing with your finger darling? Trying to find your brain?'. She removed her finger and scrunched up her wee button nose and said 'nooooo Mummy, I'm looking for a bogey'. She didn't say silly silly Mummy but I knew she was thinking it!

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  1. Pmsl, rufous, this is brilliant. buddy is the same. He kept going on about . I was absolutely stumped. I completely forgot about it until about a week later when we were driving into and I asked him who he was looking forward to seeing, he said Bimbly. Ok so that's it narrowed down to some 'one'' at nursery. But who, then it dawned on me, as he shouted it at one of the classroom assistants. Ahhhhh, it's Kimberley. I mentioned it to Kimberley and she laughed, she said he had been saying it to her for a few eels and she was completely stumped as to what he was on about. There are plenty more!!