Friday, 25 May 2012

Fortnightly Fish Challenge

My BFF ( has requested a fishy post for Friday.  Not easy as I am just not that into fish! 

That's a bit of a lie...I love shellfish and don't dislike fish as long as there is no hint of bone.  Ask me to whip up a fish dish though and you can forget it!

We have a few fish dishes in our meal repertoire;
  • prawn stirfry
  • monkfish curry (the only fancy thing on this list)
  • smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast....reserved for Christmas Morning if you don't mind
  • baked potato with prawn marie rose
  • back in the day when Darling Daughter ate what I gave her I would make fish cakes and fish pie for her, both of which I would eat but Lovely Hubby would stick his nose up at 
Hmmmmm........not exactly cintilating stuff.  And a bit of a shame seeing as we live at the beach in New Zealand where there is all sorts of fancy fish to play with!  No excuse really so time for me to man up and tackle fish! 

So here's the plan of action.  Now that I am in charge of the meal planning, I am going to make one new fishy meal a week (lets not get too carried away yet) a fortnight.

Now I've blogged about it I have to do it, is that how it works?

Maybe I should rope in Darling Daughter.  Judging by this fishy photo she isn't scared of fish....the fish getting waved about with gay abandon on its way back to the see is a teeny tiny shark.

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  1. Whip up a wee fish supper and don't forget the salt n sauce!