Thursday, 17 May 2012

Here goes nothing....

So here it is I find myself a stay at home mum starting a blog......Why?  For want of something useful to do while I have my many tea breaks while the 'cherubs' are sleeping.  Useful to me as I am hoping that getting some of my thoughts and experiences off my chest might act as some sort of therapy and useful to others because reading about my thoughts and experiences is bound to make others feel better about themselves.   Anyone that chooses to read this please bear with me I am by no means a good writer and I don't really know much about this blogging malarkey therefore as with most things in life I will try to wing it/ blag it/ fly by the seat of my pants/ close my eyes and hope for the best/ carry on regardless/ just keep blathering!  I find this formula works well in life and apply it to a lot of things I put my hand to mainly being a pharmacist, mummy, wife, friend, sister, daughter, it works for me, not sure what those at the receiving end think though!   Anywho nap time is almost over and all I have managed is to set this thing up, best get back to 'work'!


  1. Hey there, welcome to the blogosphere. You'll love it.

    Well done on first post, just blather away, people will listen, read & comment.

    Hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do, it's definitely therapy.

    Love J xxx

  2. Hey hey hey! Welcome! If you need any help with anything bloggy just holler - have started following you on Twitter now - not in a weird stalky way of course!