Sunday, 27 May 2012

The 'Trig Run' Tracker

The Saturday morning 'Trig Run' is going to be a weekly thing for the time being ('joy oh rapture' to quote Mother Dearest). Yeah yeah I know its good for me blah blah blah but it's a hateful thought when the alarm goes of at 6am.

So I thought as an incentive to myself to keep at it and improve I would do a wee weekly tracker, take some pics and wear the old heart rate monitor to record my time taken, calories burned and of course my heart rate.

The first week I spent my whole time thinking 'when will this end/ what was I thinking/ I'm hungry/ ouch my hip hurts/ I hope the others aren't waiting for me at the end/how rubbish am I/why are my bloody iTunes not working' amongst other things.
This week I knew what the craic was! So while the girls raced off I started with a brisk walk, an attempt at pacing myself and actually managing to run upwards for a bit longer than 2 minutes. It was steeper than I remembered though and I still only managed about 6 minutes of uphill running.

Imagine my surprise when I saw these cheeky chaps having a good old neb at me. A lovely excuse for a quick photo stop. 

I just went with the assumption they were Llamas, Actual Super Mummy had the same assumption but Super Fit Mummy went with Alpacas. Who knows? They were cute and a lovely excuse for a photo stop.

Although I was tempted to cheat and stay and watch the Llamas/ Alpacas I powered, ok maybe not so much powered as plodded on and I made it to the Trig Point. I even have proof.....

The run carries on past that but I decided to use that as my marker, I made it there in 20 minutes. Hopefully next week I will get there quicker and I will carry on further. Hey who knows maybe one day I will make it to the end!

Here is the view from the top this week.

Beautiful blue skys on the Kapiti Coast on the North Island of New Zealand but the view out to sea is of the top of the South Island. It was covered by clouds this week as if it's not even there! I thought it would be interesting to have a picture of the view each week (it might not be it might be super boring but lets see).

Any way photographs done I jogged back down. My feet were yucky and squelchy from the dew on the grass and it was so cold my feet were like ice blocks......brrrr. But I made it to the end.

This week my heart rate monitor says......

Last week I was on the go for 40 minutes, burned 479 calories and had an average heart rate of 161!!!

So the idea is next week I will go a bit further, get back a wee bit quicker, burn more calories and keep my heart rate average the same if not lower. (I think that's the aim for heart rate, having a dim moment, please correct me in the comments if I'm wrong).

So bring it on, roll on next better not fecking rain!


  1. Rufous, it looks gorgeous! Would love to visit, so proud of you carrying on these trig runs, I couldn't do it!