Sunday, 20 May 2012

Early Bird Catches The Worm and All That!!

My wee family and I have been living together in New Zealand for just over a year.  We took the decision to immigrate from Scotland for a better way of life and a great business opportunity for my Lovely Hubby.  A massive step for many reasons but one of them, probably the biggest reason, was leaving behind family and friends.  Imagine my delight when Darling Daughter and I arrived to find Lovely Hubby had prepared some fabby chums for us.  A year later we are still chums and have a lovely wee gang.  We had great friends back home, the best of whom we left behind in Edinburgh 7 years ago but who are still great friends (can't wait to share a few wines and a laugh with them again one day!!!).  We lived in Inverness for five years but it took that long to make great friends like the ones we have already here in Kiwiland.

At the risk of sounding a bit sycophantic I find myself most weeks thanking my lucky stars for our wee gang of chums.  Aside from the alcohol consumption and cake eating they are a great influence on The Notsosuperscottishmummy Clan and have made our transition into the Kiwi way of life fun, interesting and a lot less lonely than it could have been.

Gushing introduction over, time now for an anecdote about the stuff our gang get us into and Saturdays attempt at Supermumminess.

My dear chum  who I will name Super Fit Mummy challenged me to do 'the trig run' at 7am.  The invite to do this came via iMessage on Friday night and not expecting terms from my high school geography lessons to find their way into adulthood text messages I had to ask what trig was.  I thought perhaps a cheeky wee iPhone auto correct but no trig actually meant trig point, therefore it meant a jolly 1.7km STEEP uphill RUN with Super Fit Mummy and another super fit chum who I will name Actual Super Mummy!

The old me would have said no, there was three excuses available number one was obvious, there is no danger I would be able to keep up let alone actually do it, number two was that I had work at 9.30, excuse number three tied into number two, I couldn't possibly leave Lovely Hubby to get the Cherubs ready for the day and himself ready for work while I gallivanted with chums and got myself ready in time for my work.

The new me has three reasons to just get on and give it a try!  Reason number one F.O.M.O (fear of missing out), reason number two F.O.F.A ( fear of fat arse) and reason number three my chums are super fit for the very reason that they don't let feeble excuses like my three stop them!

So I accepted the invitation with the warning that I knew it was way out my league but I would give it a go.
I dreamt about/had nightmares about a 45degree gradient of a hill that I was more concerned about getting down than up!
I was woken up by Darling Daughter at about 4am (wee bit creepy if you follow the Paranormal Activity films but the reason for the screeching was that her blanket was moving).  In the back of my mind I hoped that she wouldn't settle so I could use that as an excuse for opting out of the run but at the front of my mind I was aware that this was not a viable excuse because Super Fit Mummy did a 10km run after one week of a sickness bug and then a hateful 13km uphill run, part of the Crazy Man Challenge, after a week (maybe more) of sleepless nights with her very own Cherubs!  So not a valid excuse, besides Darling Daughter went straight back to sleep once the creepy moving blanket was removed!
So the alarm went of at 6am and I dutifully got myself ready to meet the girls.  The fact that it was barry baltic cold and still dark didn't help and as suspected the girls were off ahead of me.  I tried to run but I think I managed a grand total of 2 minutes running, reasons being general unfitness, sore hip from feeble bit of running in the local park with Second Born Son and The Hound earlier in the week and wanting to be sick from hunger!  I carried on regardless.  Trying not to let the fact that my chums were what seemed like sprinting up the 'mountain' I trudged onwards and upwards.  I made it to the top, not as far as my chums but to the top and although I wasn't running such was the climb that although I was walking I didn't actually catch my breath.  In my defence I did manage to run all the way back down, easy you may think but a bit harem scarem when you've got Super Fit Mummies boxer hound trying to kiss you and push you over!

I consider this to be a partially successful attempt at Supermumminess.  OK I didn't run all the way up 'Mount Paraparaumu' but I was up out of my pit trying something new.  A good example to the Cherubs and maybe a step in the right direction to removing one roll of fat for the benefit of Lovely Hubby.

It actually surprised me how much easier it was to deal with the Cherubs after some exercise and a morning at work. I even managed to rustle up a tasty dinner for Lovely Hubby!!!! In the words of my Mother Dearest 'wonders will never cease'.

- you may wonder what work this is I talk of after introducing myself as a stay at home mum, just a cheeky wee 4 hours for old boss so that she can have Saturdays off
- sorry for the overuse of the word wee but think its a good word
- an apology I will probably just tag on to the end of every blog but sorry for rubbish grammar etc
- after re-reading a few times I realise there is a few overused words......oops
- I have used some Notsosuperscottishmummy lingo, please ask via the comments if you would like a transaltion

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  1. Ha ha, I would have found the excuses, but hey so proud of you. Must get fit, I want to start my Zumba again but have to wait for 8 wk appt with dr