Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mind Blowing Decisions!!

'Today I've mostly been choosing what to wear myself and eating the mush my mummy makes for my wee brother'

Yep she is wearing the clothes I picked for her this morning, her swimming togs on top and her brothers bib as a skirt/belt and she is chowing down on a delicious cauliflower and carrot purée I just rustled up for her brother. Oh yeah and just out of view she has unicorn stompeez baffies on ( those of you out there not fluent in Scottish baffies are slippers).

Ok the vegetable eating is the only right thing about this picture. I hoped the fact that her brother was merrily eating any fruit or veg I put in front of him with gusto would wear off on her and it has. Granted not quite in the way I envisaged but if eating puréed fruit and veg suits her it may just be the happy medium we need!

Anyway more on the outfit. A perfectly acceptable outfit? I'm afraid Dougley is to blame again, Dougley wanted to wear the togs she has on but he is too small for them so I let her wear them instead! So Dougley ended up in this outfit....

I'm pretty sure if I let her Darling Daughter would go out of a day in this get up but unfortunately for her that decision is not one she gets to make!

I don't mind Darling Daughter making some decisions for herself but she's only 3 and already if you give her an inch she'll take a mile.

If I let her make all of the decisions throughout the day she would have spaghetti and chocolate as her main staple diet, she would wear her rugby world cup t-shirt with a pair of Peppa Pig knickers (yep that is all, she doesn't favour clothes on her bottom half) and she would watch T.V all day, her teeth would never be brushed and her hair would be in dreadlocks.

Now you see another one of my lovely traits or shall we say qualities is that I am a bit of a control freak. So letting go and letting Darling Daughter make decisions for herself is difficult for me but I appreciate that making decisions for herself is important for her development and helps her to feel valued and capable of doing things without me.

So the tactic I have employed is not giving her a free reign of choice but give her options, for example at the moment now that we are attempting this healthy eating thing with her if she ask for (read demands) a snack she is given options but options that I approve of. If we have a free morning or afternoon she has the choice of park, bike ride or painting. Then I have some control over the decisions she makes on important things anyway.

Although when it comes to clothes choice I am afraid I make this decision, there is no time in the morning for fighting about what to wear some lay out what she is to wear. Not even Lovely Hubby can pick not only is he color blind but he has come put with some strange concoctions for both Cherubs!

Don't worry folks when it comes to 4pm the dress rules go out the window if she wants to strip off she can (hence the picture at the start of this post), if she eats her dinner she will get a treat, she can watch whatever film she wants. She gets a bit of a free reign it's not all misery for the poor baby! I'm not an ogre!!

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