Monday, 28 May 2012

Make a Plan Monday 28th of May 2012

Report on last week....Operation Stepford Wife began well!

Like the good wee wifey that I aspire to be,

  • Each day I made all the beds and opened the curtains daily, tackled the laundry, made all the meals except one (I had to finish my blog that night, perfectly acceptable excuse).
  • I did a proper 'raid up' (a phrase used by my mother-in-law, she is from Elgin and has lots of funny wee phrases, I found this one particularly odd when she first said it but now I quite like it) of 7 of the 10 rooms in the house, yeah go me!!!!
  • I cleared out Darling Daughters wardrobe. I've been putting this off, I'm quite, scratch that VERY sentimental and get sad giving her clothes away as they carry memories for me. But that's what photos are for so I was brave and made a nice bag up for her chum to have a shot of!
All I need to do now is carry on doing all of the above graciously without turning into a huffy housewife! Although it is my idea to try and be housewife extraordinaire I still moan about it, not the idea really! 

What's on the agenda of a Notsosuperscottishmummy this week I hear you ask. Well this week the aim is to get the girl eating some fruit and veg! She was such a good baby and ate everything I offered her. Annabel Karmels Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner was my bible and every Sunday on my day off from work I would be making up batches of mush for her. The freezer would be full of colour coded little pots and ice cube trays wrapped in foil.

I don't really know what changed but she is a fussy little git now. She goes through phases of liking a particular fruit or veg, I will stock up then she will turn her nose up at it. Lovely Hubby and I don't eat with her either so she ends up being stuck with nuggets and veg or spaghetti as its all she will eat. I used to make her homemade nuggets, fish fingers, vegetable rissoles, fish pie, fish cakes, bolognaise etc but time after time I ended up putting it in the bin and I really hate wasted food!!! My general shitness in the kitchen doesn't help. If its not from a recipe book or ready made forget it. I have a random imagination but not when it comes to food!

As for snacks, rustle a paper bag and she's by your side claiming 'my hungry mummy' hoping the rustle was some biscuits or chippies. Don't get me wrong I have no problem giving her treats but not all the time. If she had her way she would eat constantly. Yeah it can be easy just to give in and give her something to keep her happy/quiet, not the answer but it has been all too easy to give in over the last few months having a new, demanding baby in the house to deal with.

So The Plan for life this week is;

  • Only offer healthy snacks i.e banana, cereal, raisins, capsicum, apple, carrot. She can have a treat later in the day if she eats her dinner. Maybe one day soon I will be able to bribe her when required with fruit instead of maybe not! I hope I haven't horrified anyone by admitting to bribery. If I wasn't to be able
  • I've got my Annabel Karmel books back out for Second Born Son so I will try some new things from there for meals for madam. Maybe find something that Lovely Hubby and I can eat with her.
  • Keep my cool and stick to my guns. Best way is not to discuss what she wants, to start off anyway, as she will just ask for chippies or chocolate if it's a snack or spaghetti if it's a meal and we will fall out when I say no. I'm all for her making her own decisions but Mummy knows best when it comes to food.
  • Get Lovely Hubby on the case too. He is like his mother, a feeder. Not happy unless he is getting you to eat something you shouldn't be!
  • Carry on Operation Stepford Wife but do so without grumbling! After all the mission here is all round perfection! Knowing my luck I will achieve this just in time for going back to work!
To avoid any language problems those of you not living in New Zealand may not call a capsicum a capsicum you may call it a pepper, well I would when I lived in Scotland anyway. And here crisps are chippies or cold chips and chips are hot chips (confused yet). And as for 'raid up' means clean or tidy up I believe!

Anyhow, here goes nothing. Best get on with my shopping list, maybe just buy one of everything in the fruit and veg section, she's bound to eat something, right?

Any tips from real life mummy's out there are welcome by the way!


  1. I admire you babe, I am struggling to even get myself sorted in am, never mind the beds being made! I need to get sorted, it's really frustrating. Wish buddy would go for a nap!

    I made up a certificate for Flynn so he could try veg & colour it in with smiley faces. Do uk want me to email to you with instructions. We haven't tried it yet!

    1. Don't be silly, you've still got a wee baby to contend with you've got a wee while to take full advantage of that excuse.
      Yes please for certificate xxx