Monday, 21 May 2012

Make A Plan Monday

What to write to keep you darling readers entertained?  Eh writers block already! Maybe I will just do some aimless jabbering!

So perfect housewife and Super Mummy is the aim but where do I stand at the moment? I was managing quite well, had my weeks all planned out lovely with activities each day, house work planned in for nap times, great daytime tv to keep me focused ( focus was get everything done for 1.30 so I could get telly on to watch fabby crap t.v).  Not sure how but operation Stepford Wife was a bit of a fail last week.....

Fail number one - Cooking

My Lovely Hubby has always been the cook, we both worked full time before Second Born Son came along.  Having a natural cooking flare and being a bit of a food snob it was best he handled the food and me the housework (lucky me eh!).  Seems a bit harsh now that I am not working (as such) and have all the time in the world (allegedly) to prepare a hearty meal for the working man!  After a few weeks of cooking some lovely new dishes and old favourites, surprising myself with what I was making as well as Lovely Hubby, last week was a definite step backwards.  Not sure how but Lovely Hubby handled all the meals last week except for one night when I managed the gourmet delight of spaghetti on toast with a few chicken nuggets thrown in for extra cullinary excellence!!!

Fail number two -  Ironing

This doesn't sound very good but this too it would seem was a chore for Lovely Hubby in our past life.  Seeing as the worst part of ironing is shirts and they are his fault it seemed fair that he did it all.  As well as that switch on a crappy action or sci- fi film and he'll iron for hours.  However in my attempt to be a good housewife I tasked myself with ensuring Lovely Hubby always had a shirt ready for work. Bit like him but different genre, switch on the t.v and pop on any old reality nonsense and ironing of an afternoon is no problem.  Last week started with a mountain of washing to do and ended with a monster pile of ironing to do.  Furthermore I had two 21 year olds frantically trying to wash their entire wardrobes 24 hours before leaving for the U.K.  To top it off days of torrential rain meant that I spent what felt like most of the week trying to dry washing around the house, shifting from one airer to another, jamming the airers up as close to the two wood burners we have in an attempt to dry it quicker.  We do have a tumble dryer but man it's expensive to run, its not even winter yet so I don't want to be firing that up too early especially seeing as I'm not bringing any pennies in!  Anywho the point of this warble is Lovely Hubby said he would tackle the mountainous ironing pile on the condition that he could hire out the new Sherlock Holmes! Although I just remembered I did do the kids stuff, yeah that is the easy stuff but don't feel quite so bad about that fail.

Fail Number three - Cleaning

The house was messy, messy, messy all week last week.  I know what your thinking, your thinking I have some story as to why Lovely Hubby ended up doing all the housework as well but that would just be silly, he would never live up to the standards I have learned from Mum when it comes to cleaning.  I just didn't do it and we lived in squalor for the week. Last time I tried this more relaxed attitude we ended up with mice and The Hound got fleas......a story for another time maybe!

My maternal granny was a lovely women but she would clean Granny and Grandads house from top to bottom everyday, it was always spotless.  This trait was passed down to my mum who is a Monica Mummy, although I think she has chilled out with age (love you Henster x).  The actual clean freak gene has been passed down to me but the Mclelland side of me has diluted it down I reckon (mum attempted to keep me spotless as a kid but my paternal granny took me out to get me dirty whenever she got her hands on me).  The dilution of the clean freak gene has meant that I can see the mess, it upsets me and I worry what others will think of it but I  can't seem to keep things as clean and tidy as Mum and Granny.

It's lovely having a nice spacious house but keeping it clean is another story. Not working should mean that keeping the 10 rooms of the house clean and tidy shouldn't be a problem but The Cherubs, The Hound, Lovely Hubby, Lil' Sis', wood burners and the leaves outside preferring inside better than out make keeping on top of things, certainly to the standard of my Mum tricky. I reckon part of being the perfect houswife should be keeping a lovely house for the man your life and not complaining about it but try as I might I find it hard to keep my trap shut it really, really, really, really annoying when I have got things all nice and one of my household come along and make A MESS! Grrrrrr, pet peeve alert. Among my favorites are when I have spent ages hoovering and mopping the floors The Hound will come traipsing through the house with wet feet, I'll empty the dishwasher and fill it and dear hubby and sister will come along and pile up there dirty dishes, will wipe the surfaces down and someone will come along and make a mess and leave it. What makes me laugh, after my rant is over, is that these are all things that used to bug my mum! And I would wonder what her problem was!

How do others do it? Who knows! If anyone out there has any ideas please share. In the meantime I am going to make a plan! Start as I mean to go on! Get motivated! Stay motivated! Keep things simple! Just Monday to Friday now, let's not get carried away now!

The Plan so far is as follows
1. At least manage the basics i.e cooking, laundry, ironing, open curtains/blinds, make the beds
2. Make the most of the two days Darling Daughter is at Kindy for 6 hours and clean as many rooms as possible properly as long as Second Born Son is settled or sleeping
3. Do a clear out of some kind each week cupboard

Eh that will do for week one. Start small, don't want to upset myself too early.
The aim is to report back next Monday with a wee story of how I faired. Maybe make a thing of it 'Make A Plan Monday' (if doesn't think it's too similar to meal planning Monday)

Over and out...till the next jibber jabber blog


  1. You are so funny. Don't beat yourself up, I potter around, go for coffee. Have a rest, go shopping, go for a walk. All before I manage to get round to the kitchen (dishes are there from last night) I do worry about what others will think, but hey they can always help if they are offended ;-)

    I think you do a grand job, the clean freak in you is not just your genes you have also been blessed with your Virgonian traits too. I've got that too, if I start, it's absolutely spotless. Thing is getting started *wanders off to make another cuppa*

    1. Oh yeah forgot about the Virgo thing.
      Procrastination is definitely an issue though, need to limit/schedule iPhone/iPad time!!