Monday, 4 June 2012

The 'Trig Run' Tracker

Week 2 of the 'Trig Run' Tracker. It sure would take a lot for me to look forward to this and having a hangover and a crappy nights sleep does not help with the dread. The challenge of improving week by week and writing this helped get me out of my bed though. Musn't disappoint my faithful and loyal readers!

I had a good incentive to keep up with the others today as it was still dark. I am a big baby and am still scared of the dark. Especially the dark in the middle of nowhere at the crack of dawn where any crazy person could be hiding in the bushes! I wasn't right behind them but I could see them up ahead. The only problem with this was Super Fit Doggy was determined to get my heart pumping with fear just in case I decided to slack off! Not sure if he was waiting for me to check I was ok or to check if I was a scary stranger! But when he saw me he would come running towards me like a mad thing, slam the brakes on and jump all over me!!

I got to the Trig Point in 20 minutes last week, this week I got there in 18 minutes. I managed to run the majority of the way up this week.  I walked a little further than the Trig Point until I hit the 20 minutes then took some pictures.

This is the view of the path ahead, if you look carefully you can see two wee colored specs. That's Actual Super Mummy and Super Fit Mummy in the distance!  one day I will make it that far and maybe just maybe that fast but not this time!

This is the view from the top this time. This is the view over Raumati, Paraparaumu and out to Kapiti Island. It was overcast today and a wee bit drizzly, doesn't make for amazing views but it does take the edge off the bitter cold!

After my wee photography break I turned tail and headed back down. I was still feeling a bit pukey from the hangover and was now a bit shakey in the old legs after managing to run a lot of the way up. This made it tricky running down the steeper hills.

As I got nearer the end I checked how I was doing time wise. I started to panic that I wasn't going to beat last weeks time after making such good time going up the hill so on the flat bits I was running hell for leather to try and beat my time.

Chuffed.....I beat my time by 3 minutes! Less calories burned but less time so that makes sense! As for my high heart rate I blame Super Fit Hound!

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