Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Make a Plan Monday 25th June 2012


The plan for last week was to survive, follow 'My Life Schedule' and enlist the help of Lovely Hubby and Lil' Sis'.

Well I survived! I was worried about keeping on top of things given the fact that I had work to contend with as well. By getting the major tasks done at the beginning of the week and keeping on top of the little tasks daily meant that things didn't get too out of hand. This meant that I stuck to 'My Life Schedule' as best as I could.

One thing that helped was that Lil' Sis' and I were at the pool doing some laps at 6.15am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Oooh get us eh! It was great, it meant that I was showered and dressed by 7am! Ready to take on the world!

As for roping in Lovely Hubby to help. I can't really complain. Poor man! On Thursday he had the Cherubs all day...I didnt get home until 7.30pm! He was ratty before I even left but he had a great day. His highlight was being proud daddy at Darling Daughters swimming lessons, not sure how or why but she is the star pupil, he quite enjoyed basking in her glory! Much to my delight and relief both Cherubs were bathed and ready for bed on my return.

I left a list of the daily tasks I do (how is he meant to know what to do if I don't tell him but 'telling' him would be construed as nagging so next best thing write it down). I didn't tell him about the list I just left it on the kitchen work top...subtle as a brick, I was a bit scared to tell him given how ratty he was already. And lo and behold he lived up to his name. He did everything apart from the hoovering and mopping (I just shoved it on the list just in case he got round to it). Pretty good going considering there was very little napping from the Cherubs.

The jobs I lined up for Lil' Sis' never came to fruition. I did the hoovering myself on Friday. The dog was away getting groomed so I whizzed round while he was out of the house. The other thing I hoped she might do with the Boyf was walk the Hound but he has been in the wars and has a split and punctures in his paw *winces* so he is house and garden bound until that heals. She did me a massive favour chumming me to the pool and Cherubsitting while I worked on Saturday so I can't complain!

The Plan

This week the plan is as follows

  1. Try not to loose any more electrical equipment! (post on this to follow).
  2. My tiny little boy Second Born Son is starting daycare in two weeks so I am hoping to spend plenty quality time together and maybe see if I can help him improve his sitting up.
  3. Get to the pool 4 mornings again and do the 'Trig Run' on Saturday morning. The aim with swimming is to do it for the next 6 weeks at least. By then the mornings should be getting lighter and I can get running down the beach again with the Hound!

If my calculations are correct this is week 2 in my little pattern. That means this should be an ok week.

Look out next week it will all go to shit!!



  1. How did work go? Wow, lovely hubby did the list. I'd come back & Grim would say, what list didn't even see it!

  2. I'm loving your site.

    Following ya from the melomomma link up. If you can fit a bit of a ride in your schedule I'd love it if you'd join me at localsugarhawaii.com as we ride the wave of life one little wave and hiccup and laugh at a time. We're linking up for Aloha Friday too and I'd love it if you'd add your voice to the mix of beautiful bloggers who join us every Friday.


  3. How in the world do you train them to follow a list?

    That seems like a daunting task!