Monday, 4 June 2012

Make a Plan Monday 4th June 2012

Week three of 'Make a Plan Monday'. It may be of no interest or help to anyone else but Personally I am finding the process of setting myself aims and planning for each week very motivating. On top of that reviewing the previous week is actually turning out to be quite therapeutic, its really great for putting things into perspective. Hardly surprising when you think about it setting targets, planning, reviewing is something that got me through my working life, why not apply it to home life too! Heck I'm gonna go crazy and use it as the format for this weekly blog post.

Review: week 2
The plan for last week was to get Darling Daughter eating some fruit and veg and generally eating less crap! It wasn't a run away success but we am a start.
Successes so far;
  • She is managing to feign excitement when offered capsicums as a snack (surely not actual excitement).
  • She seems to be enjoying the vegetable purees I'm making for her brother, strange but true!
  • Not a fruit or veg in know but she has rediscovered 'ohgurts'. Much better for pudding now instead of ice cream. She doesn't have milk at bedtime now so good to get dairy into her this way.
  • She asked for a banana or 'biting apple' yesterday after it was discussed on Barney. No apples in the house, sorry baby but you never eat them! So banana it was but understandably her desire for a banana was lost when she saw the shriveled black bananas left on the banana tree! I am still taking this as a success, she asked for fruit, this is a result!
Fails so far;
  • We made mini meatloaves together on Tuesday. She was very excited helping me with the cooking, she can only manage so much excitement apparently, the excitement was well and truly over when she got down to eating them or not as the case was! Never mind we have plenty more in the freezer to try another time!
  • Made home made hot chips for her, really don't understand as homemade chips are awesome but Darling Daughter doesn't get it!
I also planned last week to delve further into being good little housewife by being the general skivvy WITHOUT complaining about it. I didn't manage this completely I had a few moans but I did bite my tongue a lot more than normal (I do hope Lovely Hubby noticed). I certainly started well on Monday night by keeping my trap shut when Lovely Hubby trotted off to beddy byes before me leaving a lovely trail of debris in his wake. Normally I would leave it and hope he would tidy up behind himself in the morning and for some reason I would be surprised and annoyed when this didn't happen! Not this new super skivvy though, I tidied up the living room and the kitchen before bed thus saving myself an early morning rant! Ok it's a pain at the time but resulted in less stress and nagging from me.
Aim: week 3
  • Become a Supermum, Superwife and have a Superlife!
Plan: week 3
  • Take care of myself! All too easy to have The Cherubs looking lovely and groomed for a day of fun. Bit silly if I am looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards! Now that Second Born Son is sleeping through the night (till 9am if allowed) there is no excuse to laze about in bed of a morning. So time to start setting the alarm. If I can get up before Lovely Hubby and The Cherubs I can maybe get hair done and face on, let alone shower!!
  • Continue on my quest to get Darling Daughter eating homemade food! This week there are three meals on our meal planner that we are going to have with Darling Daughter. Two of these are homemade meals. Fingers crossed she eats them! Have a look at what we are having on my Meal Planning Monday Post.
  • Don't expect Lovely Hubby to do man jobs e.g bins, making the fires. It only leads to me getting ratty if he doesn't do it. We've been together 10 years I should really learn to accept that he is airy fairy! Best way is just do it myself. If he does it anyway en it is a bonus!
Successful plans will make it onto THE LIST.....
(coming soon )
The have made a page dedicated to this list, it's called My Life Schedule It WILL be the key to life, well mine anyway!

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