Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Simpson Swimmers

The Cherubs and I went for a swim with Auntie Katy (Lil Sis) last Friday.

Now from the first picture above of Second Born Son you would think he was in for a hideous time but you would be wrong. If you were to ask me if he liked swimming (lets not get carried away he's only 6 months old) floating in the pool my initial reaction would be that he loved it. BUT you wouldn't actually know from his reaction once in the water wether he liked it or not! He just sat in his blow up floaty chair taking it all in. I put his head under before we left and he just had a splutter and carried on as if nothing happened. He didn't really make a peep apart from the initial screaming in the changing rooms. The changing rooms are pretty retro though, I would scream too if I could get away with it. 

(Second Born Son was born in a birthing pool!!! Anyone else think this is why he is so chillaxed in the water?)

It's the one above on the left you need to watch out for!!!
She is top of the class at her lessons. She is the teachers pet and she does all the demos for her wee classmates. Get in the pool with me and look out! She can touch the bottom but she doesn't think she can so she spends the whole time with her arms and legs clamped round me. If you try to remove her and show her she can stand she goes crazy screaming like a banshee....mortifying!! Anybody would think we were stabbing her in the eye or something. That is until we want to get out. Seeing as she is having a hideous time best go we usually decide to leave earlier than anticipated. Then she decides she is having an awesome time, can stand on the bottom afterall and wants to stay in the pool forever!

I was expecting screams from both when we got out, it was freezing. But it was smiles all round!

(not a black eye, just goggle eyes)

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  1. Aw, both both babies looking cute and I spied I'll sis in the background.

    1. Yeah I wouldn't have managed without Lil sis!

  2. Those shorts are the cutest !
    Bless his little face in that first picture, what a keeper, glad to hear he enjoyed it in the end x

    1. As with a lot of things with us there is a reason behind the shorts....daddy has a very similar pair so I had to get these when I saw fact I got the next size up too!