Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday 18th June 2012

Feels a wee bit like GroundHog Day but here we are again with Meal Planning Monday.

Pray tell what are The Simpson Clan chowing down on this week?

Monday - lamb stew done in the slow cooker. Made using a couple of ladles of the lentil Dahl we had last week, with onion, potatoes, sweet potato/kumara, carrot, stock, tomato puree/paste and bisto added and curry powder, salt and pepper to season.

Tuesday - I'm making an Annabel Karmel pasta dish for Second Born Son called Popeye Pasta from the Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner. I seem to remember it being really tasty when I made it for Darling Daughter. So tasty in fact that we had some ourselves so I will make a batch of that for us all to have. I will add some crispy bacon and cayenne pepper for the grown ups.

Wednesday - eeeek! I will tackle the mussels tonight. I got a really easy looking recipe from the countdown website. The only thing I needed to buy was the mussels and chopped tomatoes, I have everything else in the cupboard. I'll write more about this in my Fishy Friday blog post this Friday.

Thursday - good old chicken in a bag. It's meant to be a whole chicken but I will just chuck in 3 big breasts, some tatties, carrot and sweet potato/kumara and serve with some broccoli. Darling Daughter will have this with us but her new highly unamusing game is 'I'm not eating any tea'. Such fun!

Friday - I'm going to make a batch of chicken soup and we will make some home made pizzas. A variation of a suggestion from Actual Super Mummy. Very basic but we will just use some baguette bread, chopped tomatoes, cheese, pineapple, ham and anything else we fancy.

Saturday - chicken supreme tonight. One of my childhood favorites, my mum would make it for my birthday dinner or if I was coming home from uni for the weekend, so on and so forth. I can never make it as good as mummy does but it's good enough. I'll do something with what ever veg we have left.

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