Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Electrical Faults

My poor electrical appliances had a bad week last week...

It seems to be a family thing.

Any new gadget my parents get seems to either just not work or malfunction early on its life.

Lil Sis has done for a lap top and two cameras since she's been living with us!

As for me I'm pretty sure if I read the Instructions I would get more out of the gadgets we own. This was not the problem last week though.

I'm sure the instructions for my Dyson hand held dust buster thing don't mention anything about using the top of the wood burner for storage. That would be sensible. You see I put it there in the summer seeing as the wood burner was out of use, once we started using the woodburner again I moved its home to the cupboard. Unfortunately Lil Sis didn't notice this and popped it there last week. Lovely Hubby didn't think to move it when he put the fire on so when I had the sudden realization that was where it was last week I panicked, screeched and ripped it from the top of the woodburner. *RAGE*. I had the handle in my hand but the rest of the device was merrily melted onto the grate. WAAAAAH! I love loved my baby Dyson! Not sure who I was more annoyed at Lil Sis for putting it there, Lovely Hubby for not noticing it was there or me for forgetting I live with menaces!

As for my hand held blender, I'm pretty sure the instructions for this handy little chap don't tell the owner to submerge the bloody thing in the sink! Yet this is what I did on Sunday! They say baby brain is nonsense. I disagree, I believe in it and I reckon my poor brain is going to be afflicted for life. The Cherubs and I had a lovely, busy, busy, busy day on Sunday. Part of this was batching up some mush for Second Born Son. This of course involves the use of my big beasty blender kitchen aid thingummy but seeing as we currently have no hot water in our kitchen it's a nuisance to use my magic machine to whizz up all the mush as it needs hand washed (frightened the dishwasher will warp it, see I can follow the instructions sometimes) so for convenience I used the hand held. Now looking back I realize that the blade part comes away from the handle so you can wash it but I have taken to just giving the blade a scrub, rinse and dry while still attached to the handle and plug (unplugged plug of course, I'm not daft!!). As I said Sunday was busy, I was putting away the grocery shop, entertaining Archie, batching up mush, doing dishes, collecting firewood, making fires, blah blah blah, all at the same time so I just (don't try this at home) rested the blade end in the sink water, with the electrical end and plug hanging over the edge of the work top. I went to do something with the intention of going straight back to the blender and dealing with it I got distracted and when I eventually got back to the sink I found the whole contraption floating in the water.....FFS....I may well have been able to salvage it but I didn't risk it I just turfed it out.

What next...

This is an update from the original draft. Today the dishwasher went out of action. The plumber came to fix the tap and in the process broke the fecking handle on the dishwasher (don't ask how!!). It still works but I would have to hold the door shut for the whole cycle, eh I don't think so.

So I will say it again...what next?

This isn't a challenge to break something else electrical gods, that's enough now, I quite like my gadgets...



  1. Oh dear sounds a bit like our place. Our shower door fell off before we left home.

  2. Lol, I'm with on the baby brain, it does exist!

    As to things malfunctioning, we are the same, everything we buy does have interesting ways of working blu ray player/hard drive - most annoying feckin machine in the world. But best is, we stuck house on market 2 weeks ago & the cooker hood. Has stopped working, the oven had a strop but it's now working again & Buddy put something down loo & blocked it. I know last one isn't electrical but still annoying!

  3. Blimey, what a week! Have you replaced them all yet? Why is it that they seem to go in threes....?! Thanks for linking up to #oldiesbutgoodies