Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cookie Time

I don't do baking. Well I do but it almost always ends in failure.
I tried to master cheesecake but if I didn't have the wrong tin it was the wrong cheese.
I tried to be Supermum at Christmas and make Christmas cookies for Darling Daughter but if they weren't burnt they were all over the tray merged into one giant cookie.
I made an amazing batch of millionaires shortbread the other week. It was a fluke I did the same thing all over again to make another batch to give to friends as a pressie and it was a fail. One false move with the caramel and it doesn't set right, no bugger told me that!
See below my failure. Messy messy messy!!

I really needed baked goods with tea today after a super dooper chilly walk in the park with Second Born Son and The Hound. I also thought wouldn't it be nice to pick Darling Daughter up from kindy with cookies to take to Daddy for afternoon tea.

The key to baking success...simplicity...

I managed to make some peanut butter cookies that didn't need to go straight in the bin. All that was required was 4 ingredients, all of which were in my cupboard. Yeah go me.

They were so easy and yummy. Perfect.

I got the recipe from One Good Thing by Jillee. If like me you are super poop at baking, need things simple and like peanut butter have a go. 20 minutes and you too can be chomping cookies like me!


  1. Millionares shorbread may look messy but bet it tasted good.

  2. I must admit I wanted to lick my screen looking at your flopped millionaire's shortbread. I'm weird like that :P

    Welcome to the Kiwi Mummy Blogs family.

    1. Lovely Hubby warmed it and put it over vanilla ice cream....yum yum!
      I am really pleased to be a member of the family now.
      Thanks for your comment x