Sunday, 10 June 2012

The 'Trig Run' Tracker

Maybe I should call it The 'Trig Tramp' Tracker this week. *looks sheepish*
(tramp=hike/walk, crazy Kiwi talk)

I have a pretty picture from the top this week (be impressed, read on and you will not be so impressed)... was lush morning, there was almost a glow from the sunrise, very pretty indeed.
Another positive before we get into the naughtiness...we had a grand old chat. There is usually a Cherub or four around to break up any chat! A bit of a luxury in fact getting to finish our sentences! Although Super Fit Hound tried his best to fill in for The Cherubs by charging at us every chance he could.
Poor Super Fit Mummy was lumbered with little old me alone, no Actual Super Mummy to get a proper work out with.
Lumbered indeed! I was not the best companion on Saturday!

It should have been a great chance for me to go for it and keep up with Super Fit Mummy, maybe even get to the actual end of the run not just to the 'Trig Point'. But I, unlike Actually Supermummy, cannot talk and run. Talk or run? No choice really right?
Certainly not talk and run UP 'Mount Paraparaumu'.
I led Super Fit Mummy astray instead. (There wasn't much arm twisting by me though).
Firstly after my lovely chum asked how my week had been I burst into tears...D'oh. Not the best end to the week therefore the first person I spoke to that wasn't Lovely Hubby was gonna get it! (Nothing for anyone else to worry about we'll survive). Running and talking is hard enough, defo wasn't going to manage to run, talk and bubble!
So after walking to the 'Trig Point' I whipped out my cereal bar and had a break. Damn cheek after walking up but it was in my pocket asking to be eaten. Normally Super Fit Mummy and Actual Supermummy would be powering onwards, oops sorry!
Instead of powering onwards after our leisurely snack break and chat I took my picture and we walked back down! Please believe me when I say we walked in a brisk manner, marched you could almost say,while babbling rapidly, surely this brisk marching and animated chatting was good for us.
I knew it wasn't going to be impressive but being a creature of habit (and I said I would on my blog, same as a pinky swear me thinks) I took my Heart Rate Monitor Picture at the end.
Hmmm, I added 16 minutes onto last weeks time? Not really the idea but easy to improve on next week right?

I did feel a bit guilty for not putting in a proper effort and for bursting into tears on my lovely chum oh yeah and for encouraging her to walk not run BUT we did get the old heart pumping as well as a good chinwag and leg stretch before taking on the day.
Next week I will be extra good girl, promise. *crosses fingers behind back*


  1. Hope the chinwag helped. Wish I could be there.

    1. Yeah feel silly now. Just have to get on with it!

  2. Sometimes it helps to just blurt it out, gets it off your chest if nothing else.

  3. Big hugs babe, at least you still went!