Monday, 11 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday 11th of June 2012

It's Monday already. Time for the weekly meal planning link up. Hop on over to the home of Meal Planning Monday to see what's on the menu elsewhere.


Monday - going to give the Thai Prawn Curry my chum Mummysknee blogged about last week. I'm guessing this is for adults only so I will give Darling Daughter some of the marinated chicken she liked that we tried last week. She can eat with us and have some broccoli and corn along with it and a wee portion of rice.
Tuesday - adults only again for sure this time. My Mother Dearests curry tonight. It is one of my faves. It's really simple to make and you can get 2-3 meals out of it. I'll freeze the leftovers in portions to whip out in future weeks . It's a spicy one though and it comes out different each time. Once Mother Dearest made it for German friends we had visiting and they couldn't eat it! Pussies!!!! It was a sweaty eye one that night though! We'll have it with some naan bread. I'll give Darling Daughter some spaghetti tonight and try her with some of the mini meatloaves I made for her a couple of weeks ago (nobody phone social services they have been in the freezer), you never know she might eat them this week.

Wednesday - prawn stir fry. We can all have this one, although it will be a hit or a miss if Darling Daughter will eat this. Just some prawns and frozen stir fry veg with a sweet chilli and lime sauce, served with noodles, hey presto Bobs your uncle!
Thursday - spaghetti on toast for all three of us tonight. I always dread this but shove on some cheese and Kataya Sauce and it's yummers. It's also nice to sit with Darling Daughter and not spend the whole meal trying to cajole her into eating. This is her favourite for sure! (hmm just cursed myself).

Friday - this time I'll make a batch of the maple glazed chicken Darling Daughter had to herself on Monday for us all. The last time we all had it I served home made chippies with the skin on, naturally Darling Daughter screwed her nose up at this so this time I'll take the skin off. Old faithful of broccoli and corn alongside.

Saturday - Darling Daughter can have corn fritters. She'll stand next to me as I cook and eat the whole batch straight out of the pan, complaining the whole time that they are hot despite the fact that I have told her over and over again that that will be the case. She loves them, bit annoying really I do too but there is never any leftovers anymore! As for the grown ups we will have Lentil Dahl. Love this recipe, as long as you have the stock ingredients in the cupboard all you need fresh is carrots. Thanks Super Fit Mummy for this one. This week I will keep a small portion of the Dahl and pop it in the slow cooker with some lamb, potatoes, kumara/sweet potato and any other root veg we have floating around. This makes a yummy stew. Not a fan of lamb but the Dahl goes well with it and after being slow cooked it's all nice and flakey
I never thought I would be a kitchen gadget queen but for the maple glazed chicken I will be whipping out my old George Forman grill, we bought it when they were fashionable but after one use (7 years ago) I was not amused by the mess, now I am the cook I am loving it! And for my chippies I will be using our old faithful Tefal Actifry, an awesome piece of machinery although I really should learn to use it for things other than potatoes.


  1. All sounds tasty, could you do my meal planning too, or I can just follow yours!

  2. I forgot all about corn fritters until I read your menu. I'm sure my daughter loved them last time I made them. I might sort some out for Saturday lunch.

  3. Glad you enjoyed Thai prawn curry if you want me to send you my paste recipe too, I can!

    How do you make your corn fritters?