Monday, 25 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday 25th June 2012

In case anybody is interested here's what The Simpson Clan are eating this week...

Monday - Popeye pasta, this was on last weeks plan but we never got round to having it.

Tuesday - Grilled chicken (I'll need to brace myself for the mess, I've recently rediscovered my George Foreman grill, it makes yummy chook, but it's messy), roast potatoes (more gadgets, I'll use my actifry to do this), accompanied by curried mushrooms. Lovely Hubby will have to make the mushrooms, these are one of his creations. I'll get him to show me how and I will blog it later.

Wednesday - Pasta with creamy garlic and pesto sauce (out of a packet but yummy), with crispy bacon and some grilled courgettes/zucchinis. I'm working all day so nice and easy.

Thursday - Chilli with tacos. I'll make a big batch earlier in the week and freeze portions for future use. Tis used to be Lovely Hubbys speciality but I took over not long after Darling Daughter came along. I love chilli. We have it with tacos, baked potato or nachos. Topped of with cheese, sour cream and of course, the Simpson staple, jalepenos

Friday - Chicken in a bag. We had this last week and Darling Daughter ate with us and she loved it. I'm making it later in the week so that I can use up the veg I have left over after making mush for Second Born Son. There is a specific list of veg your meant to put in the bag but I don't stick to it. I aim to put in potatoes, leek, sweet potato/kumara, butternut squash and carrot.

Saturday - Lentil Dahl. May make something else depending what's kicking around the cupboards but if I'm stuck I always have what's needed for this.

What's everyone else having. Pop on over to At Home With Mrs M by clicking here to join in with this great Linky x




  1. All sounds yum! Chilli is a favourite in our house too but sadly husband doesn't approve of taco shells - he thinks they're too messy!

    Enjoy your week.


  2. We don't use the tacos as your meant to. We just break then up and scoop the chilli on them an edible spoon...yummersx

  3. My old George used to get really messy with a horrible sticky residue on the plates. I later discovered it's because I'd used a spray oil - who knew? We have a new bigger one now we are married with nifty removable plates which makes cleaning A LOT easier! Enjoy your week x