Monday, 11 June 2012

Make a Plan Monday 11th June 2012

Review: Week 3
Looking back last week was a funny old week. Not because it was crazy and we got up to loads of antics. For the exact opposite reason in fact. Not funny ha ha, funny peculiar. The Cherubs and I didn't leave the house from Sunday to Thursday!!!! Bad, bad mummy. Certainly not In fact at times I was Super Slummy Mummy, not the idea! 

I really didn't do very well with my plan for the week 'taking care of myself'...
I like sharing, it is one of the good things about me, I don't keep (many) secrets, this is also one of the bad things about me, I sometimes say too much. This may be one of those occasions. But I feel I should share that I didn't brush my teeth on Tuesday until 5pm and I didn't get dressed until 12noon on Wednesday. Even Darling Daughter hasn't escaped my crapness she didn't get dressed at all on Wednesday!! BUT she was sick.
Bad, bad slummy mummy indeed!
It's ok though I have excuses.
  • The weather was shit, it poured down. I don't know if it's my imagination or not but when it rains here jeezo does it rain!!! It never seems to just drizzle it's always proper straight up and down rain, raining cats and dogs, nice weather for ducks rain, get your boat and paddle anywhere rain. Or maybe it just seems like that because we have a flat roof!
  • I WAS all ready to go for it (being SUPER) on Monday until I woke up raring to go and remembered it was The Queens Birthday bank holiday Monday therefore no Kindy so operation get my act together was foiled. It was a holiday, I had a Cherub in tow that I didn't count on and we had the sniffles, what better reason to fart around the house?
  • The Cherubs and I decided to celebrate the first week of winter with a cold. We didn't have man flu just the sniffles, cough and all round cloudy head. Poor Darling Daughter sounded awful. She was ok but seeing as she sounded so bad I didn't want the kindy teachers to think I was any worse a parent than they already do so she stayed home on Wednesday too.
All is not lost though, do not despair. I was a good girl in all other aspects of My Life Schedule.
I honored my previous planning and I cooked each night. We even sat down and ate with Darling Daughter from Monday to Friday. I kept on top of the cleaning. I cleared out our bedroom (no mean feet, this room gets overlooked/ignored. Only us that are in it and it resembles a teenager or students room.). Even Darling Daughter played along and was eating what was put in front of her by the end of the week.
Oh yeah and I was a very gracious Superwife, no grumbling or nagging. (as far as I am concerned anyway, Lovely Hubby may disagree but he knows better than to actually do that)
I did get my finger out from Thursday onwards. I have been up and showered and have even had my face on. Far easier to get out and about with The Cherubs when one is looking ones best! Ok that's a joke. Since having the last Cherub I don't think I will ever look my best again or even feel my best again. But now I am a proper mummy its all about The Cherubs right? Ok so I wasn't looking my best but I was washed, dressed, had my hair and teeth brushed and a wee bit of make up on so I didn't look like death.
The Plan: Week 4
Not sure why but I am struggling to make a plan for this week. I think I will keep it simple and try to stick to The Steps to Becoming Supermum, Superwife and Having a Superlife for a full week. I have added 'take care of myself' to the list that will be enough of a challenge.
Yeah that's it the plan is to come back next week with no failures to pressure then!

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  1. I only get a shower if I get out of bed before G leaves at 7.30 hard to do when you didn't get to bed until 12 then up 4 times with coughing baby. Ah well, babe there is always next week. Don't beat yourself up, you can only influence what's ahead of you, you can't change the past so don't dwell on it. Great life coaching ;-)

    Good luck for the week ahead, I sure as hell need it :-)