Monday, 4 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday 4th June 2012

I thought I would join in with Meal Planning Monday. I do a weekly meal plan anyway for the purpose of creating a list for my favourite weekly task (please note this is sarcastic) the grocery shop!
Now don't anybody be getting excited! As I have mentioned in previous blog posts I am no cook let alone chef! Our weekly meal plan is generally made up of simple and cheap meals. Nothing fancy so instead of being a list to share with the intent to inspire others it may serve as a list of what not to do!
The Simpson Meal Plan this week

Monday...tonight we are having pasta with a tomato and marscapone sauce. The recipe for the sauce is from the Annabel Karmels Fussy Eaters recipe book. Lovely Hubby and I are going to eat with Darling Daughter tonight. I may or may not throw in some chopped up crispy bacon. Can't beat a bit of crispy bacon.
Tuesday...going to try out a new recipe from Super Fit Mummy. Easy fried rice. It's a hit with her kids so we may attempt to eat with Darling Daughter.
Wednesday...I am going to attempt my Fortnightly Fish Challenge. Darling Daughter will be at kindy till 3pm so I am going to make a Fish Pie. Another meal that I would like us all to eat together! For this reason I am going to use another Annabel Karmel recipe, this time from her Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner. She has a few fish pie recipes in this book but I am going to do the Mummy's Favorite Fish Pie one.
Thursday...spaghetti on toast tonight. I always dread this but it's always yummy and Darling Daughter loves it so it's another meal we can have together.
Friday...Lentil Dahl Curry. Another simple, easy and no doubt healthy recipe from Super Fit Mummy. She kindly made a batch for us shortly after Second Born Son was born. I was doubtful if Lovely Hubby would like it seeing as it is vegetarian but he loves it. Sometimes I keep a portion aside and pop it in the slow cooker with some lamb and root veg and make a stew with it, it's yummy too. Not one for Darling Daughter though, will whip up a batch of Corn Fritters for her, another recipe from Annabel Karmels Fussy Eaters book.
Saturday...I'll use the left over veg and passatta to make another pasta dish.
Not sure how the family meals will go down. I'll report back next week!


  1. that all sounds lovely Rufus, I would like to see the recipe for the easy fried rice, I just started making this last week and it's fab. When we make lentil dhal I always serve garlic butter prawns on the top cause G Man is the same turns his nose up at vegetarian dishes.

    1. we've deviated already! Dominos last night, chicken didn't defrost in time and pizza is $5!!

  2. Replies
    1. well so far the pasta was a fail. Darling Daughter didn't even try it! I liked it though!

  3. I am a devoted weekly meal planner as well- the process is working well for me so far! I would love to hear more about the fried rice recipe!

    1. Its a must for me. Quite like sitting down with a cup of tea (and biscuit of course), my planner, recipe books, pen and paper.
      I am away to make the rice just now. If its a success and ok with my chum (the recipe originator) I will share the recipe!